'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted' Quiz

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted: Aaron Crascall
Barri Ghai, Jayne Harris and Ian Lawman embarked on a series of investigations at haunted celebrity homes in the 2022 series, 'Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted'.

The team kicked off the six-part Discovery+ series at the home of Alex Best, the ex-wife of the late footballing legend, George Best, where they captured some outstanding poltergeist activity on camera.

After visiting the homes of Charlotte Crosby, Frankie Essex, Arron Crascall and Toyah Willcox, the series came to an end with the investigation of property expert, Martin Roberts' 17th century Welsh farmhouse.

If you've braved the whole series, take our trivia quiz and find out how much you remember about the six locations that featured in it and what the team found there?

1. Charlotte Crosby capture a piece of furniture in her house moving on its own, but what was it?

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2. While investigating Frankie Essex's home, her brother took Barri to a nearby haunted brook that flows through a tunnel, but what did Joey say this tunnel was known as locally?

3. Martin Roberts' house is said to be haunted be which classic ghostly figure?

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4. What was the name of the mother who is said to have drowned her two children in the brook near Frankie Essex's house?

5. Which of these ghostly goings-on did Arron Crascall NOT report has happened in his house?

6. Which of these ghost-hunting mobile phone apps does Barri NOT use at any of the celeb's homes?

7. Barri had a terrifying moment where he felt like he was being choked. In which celebrity's home did the incident take place?

8. Which specialist type of ghost hunting camera did Charlotte Crosby use in a bedroom on the top floor of her house?

9. What was the former use of Toyah Willcox's house that the team uncovered?

10. Toyah Willcox said she was able to see Civil War soldier marching across the land behind her house every morning, but as what time did she say they appear?

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Help! My House Is Haunted: Toyah Willcox

11. The stone used to build the oldest part of Toyah Willcox's house, the cellar, is said to come from which local building?

12. Which of the celebrity homeowners lives in a house on the site of a former brewery?

13. Which of the celebrities live in a house which in 1902 was owned by someone with the same surname and perhaps of the same family line?

14. Frankie Essex's home sits on land which once made up part of which ancient forest?

15. Historically, there was well-documented outbreak of which disease in the part of Dover where Arron Crascall lives?

16. Jayne used which old fashioned piece of equipment during the investigation of Martin Roberts' house?

17. Barri used what sort of ghost-activated toy to communicate with whatever haunts Arron Crascall's bathroom?

18. What object seemingly moved of its own accord in Alex Best's house?

19. The team concluded that the spirit of a little girl called Lily haunts Alex Best's home, but how do they think she died?

20. The land around Charlotte Crosby's house had a history of what?


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