Charlie Cooper Explores UK's Paranormal Mysteries In New BBC Three Series

June 11, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ ParanormalTelevision
Charlie Cooper's Local Legends
Photo: © BBC
Fans of 'This Country' are in for a treat as Charlie Cooper, known for his role as Lee 'Kurtan' Mucklowe, takes on a new adventure in his upcoming factual series, currently being produced under the working title 'Charlie Cooper's Local Legends'. The series, set to air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, will delve into the mysterious and often spooky folklore of rural Britain.

Charlie, who has already shown his interest in the paranormal by spending a night at the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, is eager to explore more of the UK's haunted locations and mythical stories. His visit to the Ancient Ram Inn, one of the UK's most haunted inns, is a testament to his long-standing fascination with eerie tales and rural legends.

Charlie's fascination with the paranormal is already well known. A few years ago, he spendt a night at the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, one of the UK's most haunted inns. Now, he's set to continue his exploration of eerie tales and rural legends.

The new series will follow Charlie as he travels across the UK in his camper van, investigating everything from crop circles and UFO sightings in Wiltshire to ghostly hounds in East Anglia. Charlie's mission is to seek out the truth behind these local legends, meeting both believers and sceptics along the way.

In a world where misinformation can spread like wildfire on social media, 'Charlie Cooper's Local Legends' aims to distinguish fact from fiction. The three-part series, each episode running for 30 minutes, will feature Charlie gathering evidence, conducting experiments, and listening to eyewitness accounts to uncover the reality behind these rural myths.

Taking about his excitement for the series, Charlie said, "I've always been fascinated by local legends, myth and folklore. My mission is to explore our ancient world, seek out mythical creatures and boldly go where no TV presenter has gone before."

Nasfim Haque, Head of Content for BBC Three, shared her enthusiasm for the project, saying, "It is super thrilling and scary in equal measure to see what mysteries and magic Charlie uncovers on his adventures. We are so pleased to be working with him on his factual debut at the BBC and we are sure that audiences will be captivated by everything he discovers."

Tom O'Brien, MD of Naked and Executive Producer, added, "We're delighted to be working with Charlie and BBC Three on a brand-new adventure series ripe with character, kookiness, and the uncanny. British folktales are finding new life once again with a real explosion of interest, so it's a great time to unearth their origins, quirks and meaning for the present day."

Broadcast details will be confirmed soon. In the meantime, prepare to join Charlie Cooper on a journey through the UK's most intriguing and spooky rural legends.

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