Christmas Movie Magic Quiz

December 16, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ GamesChristmasMovies
There are plenty of Christmas movies with plots that involve the use of magic. From magical candy containing reindeer feed that can you make you fly, to magical transformations from normal dad to Santa Clause.

Christmas is said to be a magical time of year and many movies rely on a little bit of Christmas magic to make their stories even more festive. But, how much can you remember about the magical elements in these festive film favourites?

Test your knowledge with this tricky quiz and remember to share your score with the world.
Elf Smiling

1. According to Buddy the Elf, what is the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

2. In 'Santa Clause: The Movie' Patch puts reindeer food into candy which can make people fly, but what type of candy?

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The Snowman

3. 'The Snowman' tells the story of a little boy whose snowman magically comes to life. In the short film's sequel we find out the snowman has a pet, but what is it?

4. In the Michael Keaton Christmas movie, 'Jack Frost' Charlie plays what magical instrument that brings his father back to life as a snowman?

Harry Potter At Christmas

5. What family heirloom was Harry Potter given as a Christmas present in his first year at Hogwarts?

6. In 'A Christmas Carol' the Ghost of Christmas Past has which magical power?

Tim Allen In The Santa Clause

7. After Tim Allen's character accidentally kills Father Christmas in 'The Santa Clause', where are he and his son magically transported to?

8. In 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' what is on the magic door that Jack Skellington finds that takes him to Christmas town?


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