9 Best Christmas Prank Ideas

December 07, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Christmas

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If you want to guarantee yourself a place on Santa Claus' naughty list this year, then these practical joke suggestions and prank ideas are sure to help you achieve your goal as well as irritate your closest family and best friends.

1. Homemade Chocolate Sprouts

Ferrero Rocher

Dip cooked sprouts in chocolate, just like you might dip strawberries in chocolate, and serve them up to any annoying children in your house on Christmas Day.

The easiest way to pass off sprouts as chocolate is to carefully re-wrap them in empty Ferrero Rocher wrappers. So, in order to pull this prank off effectively, you'll need to scoff a box of Ferrero Rocher on Christmas Eve... easy right?

2. Enough Already!

Strategically places one empty box under the Christmas tree, fully wrapped to look like a real gift. During the present opening ritual on Christmas morning, loudly declare "I've had enough of Christmas," grab the fake present and throw it into the fire.

You really need to make sure you know which is the fake present to pull this prank off successfully, imagine how upset you'd be if you accidentally destroyed a brand new pair of socks from Aunty Joan.

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3. Sadvent Calendar

Advent Calendar

If your kids have one of those posh advent calendars which has a little pouch for each day into which you place a tasty treat. Try spicing things up by alternating between treats like fun sized chocolate bars and slightly less delicious snacks like raw pasta or masonry screws.

4. One Is Not Amused

Make one of the dullest moments of Christmas Day a little more entertaining by connection your TV to a timer plug which is programmed to switch the television off just as your gran has started watching the Queen's speech. The same trick could also be used to cut the 'Eastenders' Christmas special five minutes short thus depriving the family of that all important cliffhanger, doof doof doof doof doof...

5. Get Off My LAN!

WiFi Users

True, it's the season of giving but if you have a lot of family over this Christmas you can bet they're all going to be sponging off your Wi-Fi. You can attempt to stop them off joining your network before they even ask by changing the network name to something that might put them off.

Here's some suggestions...
MI5 Surveillance Van
Skynet Global Defence Network
Virus Distribution Node
Limited Connectivity

If they do take it to the next level and ask for a password, make sure it's either overly complicated and hard to get right, or it's just plain offensive.

6. It's Smaller On The Inside

Add a satisfying level of disappointment to Christmas gift exchanges by wrapping tiny gifts in huge boxes. This works best for gift vouchers. You might also want to try wrapping an iPhone box full of socks or an onion ring in an expensive jewellery box.

7. The Old Switcheroo

Single Malt Whiskey

Replace your dad's expensive single malt whisky with the cheapest stuff you can find in Lidl and see if he notices. Or for the very brave, replace the whisky with malt vinegar... but don't expect any presents next year.

8. Helping Hand

If you're the first up on Christmas morning, tell your mum that you noticed she'd accidentally left the turkey in the fridge, but let her know that you sorted it out by putting it back in the freezer "to help out" last night.

9. The Ultimate Festive Prank

Or, if you're brave enough to pull off the ultimate Christmas prank, then there's one surefire way to annoy the WHOLE family... hide all the booze!

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