The Different Kinds Of Close Encounter & What They Mean

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Close Encounter Between Alien And Human
A close encounter is a term used in the field of ufology to describe direct experiences or sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and their potential occupants. This term became widely known thanks to the 1977 movie 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind', which popularised the idea of humans interacting with extraterrestrial beings.

A close encounter refers to any situation where a person comes into direct contact with a UFO or an alien being. These encounters are typically classified based on the proximity and nature of the interaction. The general idea is that the closer the encounter, the more significant and impactful the experience is thought to be.

Close encounters can vary widely, with some involving simply seeing a strange object in the sky that doesn't behave like a conventional aircraft. Others might involve witnessing a UFO at very close range, where details of the object can be clearly seen. In more extreme cases, people report direct contact with extraterrestrial beings or experiencing phenomena that suggest some form of communication or interaction.

People who report close encounters often describe feelings of awe, fear, or curiosity, and such experiences can profoundly affect their beliefs about the universe and our place in it. However, skeptics argue that these experiences can be explained by natural or psychological factors, such as misidentified aircraft, weather phenomena, or hallucinations.

Close encounters are categorised into different types based on the nature and proximity of the interaction with UFOs or extraterrestrial beings. These classifications were first introduced by the American astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek in his 1972 book 'The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry'.

After Hynek's death in 1986, his colleague Jacques Vallee extended Hynek's classification system, adding a fourth and fifth kind, which he described in his 1990 book, 'Confrontations: A Scientist's Search For Alien Contact'.

Close Encounter Of The First Kind (CE1)

Close Encounter Of The First Kind

This is when a person sees a UFO within 150 metres, but there is no interaction with the environment or the observer. It is a straightforward sighting where the object is close enough to observe details like shape, colour, and size.

Close Encounter Of The Second Kind (CE2)

Close Encounter Of The Second Kind

In this type, a UFO is sighted and leaves some form of physical evidence. This can include scorched ground, broken branches, or traces of radiation. It also encompasses effects on vehicles or electronic devices, such as engines stalling or radios going haywire.

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind (CE3)

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind

This is where a person not only sees a UFO but also witnesses or comes into contact with alien beings. The entities observed can range from humanoid figures to more bizarre forms. This type of encounter often includes detailed descriptions of the beings and their behaviour.

Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind (CE4)

Close Encounter Of The Fourth Kind

This type involves human abduction by extraterrestrials. People who claim to have experienced CE4 often report being taken aboard a UFO, where they might undergo medical examinations or communicate with the aliens. These encounters can be traumatising and are usually remembered through hypnosis or flashbacks.

Close Encounter Of The Fifth Kind (CE5)

Close Encounter Of The Fifth Kind

According to Vallee's 'Confrontations', a CE5 is where a person is abducted and goes on to receive a physical effect from their close encounter, typically either injury or healing. However, an alternative description proposed by ufologist Steven M. Greer involves direct communication between humans and extraterrestrials that is initiated by humans.

Beyond these five kinds of close encounters, there are two more that are sometimes used but not officially recognised by Hynek. However, their descriptions vary depending on the source. Ufologists generally agree that a Close Encounter Of The Sixth Kind (CE6) involves death or serious injury resulting from contact with a UFO or its occupants. However, the next kind - the most speculative and controversial type - is more debated.

A Close Encounter Of The Seventh Kind (CE7) has been described as several types of encounter, including a UFO being shot down through human intervention, sexual contact between aliens and humans, or more commonly, the creation of a human-alien hybrid, either through reproductive or genetic experimentation. This category generally encompasses reports where individuals claim to have had intimate interactions with aliens. Such encounters often involve claims of hybridisation programme, where humans and extraterrestrials supposedly produce hybrid offspring.

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