Creepy Footage Of A Door Repeatedly Slamming In A Haunted Morgue

June 26, 2017 8:15 AM ‐ ParanormalGhosts

A creepy video has been posted online which claims to show violent poltergeist activity in an abandoned mortuary where a red cabinet door is repeatedly slammed closed in a corridor as two security guards investigate flickering lights.

The spooky footage is supposedly filmed in a disused morgue in Brazil and was shot on a smartphone by two security guards on their rounds. The paranormal activity takes places in a sinister, dark part of the building where the overhead lights can be seen to flicker.

As the pair walk along the passageway a repeating banging noise can be heard as the result of a red door of a wall-mounted cabinet open and closing by itself. At first it looks like the door might just be flapping in the wind, but as the guard gets closer it becomes clear that this violent movement couldn't be caused by a draught.

Like most of clips of this nature, there's no information on who uploaded it or exactly where this was shot. In fact, even a Google search for "abandoned morgue in Brazil" yields no results.

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