One Week Living On Takeaway Deliveries

July 08, 2016 8:18 PM

I decide to see what it would be like to eat nothing but restaurant-quality food, delivered to my house for a whole week.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have an in-house chef cook all of your meals?  Well this week I have come pretty to close to finding out after spending a week discovering new local restaurants and takeaways while eating nothing but food from Deliveroo.

In case you're new to Deliveroo, they basically bring you food from local businesses, I live in Clapham in South London so have quite a wide choice.  Not all of the choices are massively exciting, for example I could have a gourmet burger from a different trendy burger joint every night for the week.  But, the aim of this isn't to eat junk for five days, it's to try something new and eat some quality, balanced meals, which Deliveroo will bring to my door in 32 minutes, on average.

Sadly, I can't afford to live off of fine food for a week.  This experiment has been funded by referral credit.  For every new person who signs up using my link I get £10's worth of food and so does the person who signed up.  So, I'd be silly if I didn't give you a link and invite you to get £10 off of your first order, just click here to get started.
Deliveroo Monday

Dinner: Mama's Jerk

Jerk Chicken Wrap

Jerk BBQ Chicken Wrap
My first meal came from Mama's Jerk, a pop-up street food stall in a converted shipping containers at Pop Brixton.  I ordered jerk BBQ chicken which came in a 12" wrap with fresh Salad, Mama's slaw and tropical mayo.  The chicken was great, the rest of the feeling was sweet, crispy and tasty.  It wasn't too filling but was just enough to get me through the evening.  I also order a veggie version which I will keep for my lunch tomorrow in work.
ETA: 47 minutes
Time taken: 43 minutes
Deliveroo Tuesday

Lunch: Mama's Jerk

Jerk Veggie Bean Cake Wrap

Jerk Veggie Bean Cake Wrap
Today's lunch was leftovers from last night's Mama's Jerk order.  I had the veggie option for lunch which was a jerk veggie bean cake wrap.  It was the same as the chicken version, but instead of chicken, hand-made sweet potato and coconut cakes.  It was good but not quite as good as the chicken version, the bean cake didn't add much in the way of flavour.

Dinner: Veg Bar

Coconut Curry

Coconut Curry with Brown Rice
Tonight's meal came from Veg Bar, South London's first 100% vegan restaurant.  I picked one of their most popular dishes, coconut curry which was a traditional veggie curry served with brown rice, mango chutney and poppadom.  The food was excellent, it was quite spicy but highly delicious.  The poppadom seemed to be missing but there was a side salad with falafel in the bag, I'm not sure if it was a mistake or a substitution but it was a welcome one as the falafel was amazing... which is lucky as that's what I have for my lunch tomorrow.
ETA: 52 minutes
Time Taken: 50 minutes
Deliveroo Wednesday

Lunch: Veg Bar

Super Food Salad

Loaded Falafel Salad
Again, today's lunch was leftovers from last night's delivery from Veg Bar.  I wanted a lighter lunch and I'm a massive fan of falafel so I went for their Loaded Falafel salad and this was really enjoyable.  Homemade gluten free falafel, hummus and fresh tabbouleh, served on a superfood salad bed.  This was excellent, I can't recommend the falafels here enough, crispy, tasty and slightly lemony.  The rest of the salad was crisp, tasty and interesting too.

Dinner: Bodean's

Bodean's Clapham

Chilli Cheese Hot Dog
Tonight's meal came from Bodean's on Clapham high street.  For the first time this week I went a little less healthy and it was actually the most disappointing meal of the week.  The hot dog itself was good and huge, quarter pounder.  It was topped with chilli con carne which was OK, not too flavoursome and melted cheese.  The fried however were quite hard.  But this is all part of exploring and trying new things.  On the upside delivery was quick and the portions were good.
ETA: 35 minutes
Time Taken: 25 minutes
Deliveroo Thursday

Lunch: Bodean's

Mac & Cheese

Classic Macaroni & Cheese
Once again today, my lunch consisted of a side which was tagged on to last night's Deliveroo order.  I was a little worried that a side of mac & cheese wouldn't be enough for a main meal but the portion is big, it's really a meal in itself.  It was a good macaroni, could be a little cheesier maybe but a solid dish.  Now on to the exciting task of deciding what's for dinner tonight.

Dinner: The Pepper Tree

Thai Red Curry

Red Chicken Curry & Brown Rice
Well this was delicious!  I've never eaten at The Pepper Tree before and that's the great thing about Deliveroo, it encourages you to try something new and different.  The curry was quite spicy and had a good amount of vegetables.  The rice was a sensible sized portion, the meal was quite light and not too filling like some takeaways.
ETA: 35 minutes
Time Taken: 30 minutes
Deliveroo Friday

Lunch: The Pepper Tree

Spring Rolls & Satays

Duck Spring Roll & Chicken Satay
Last night's leftovers made for an excellent lunchtime snack.  The duck spring rolls were delicious.  There were three little rolls which came with a spicy and delicious sweet chilli dip.  The three satay sticks consisted of grilled, marinated chicken on skewers and came drizzled in the perfect amount of peanut sauce.  I loved last night's meal from The Pepper Tree and lunch today was just as enjoyable.

Dinner: Joe Public

Joe Public Pizza

14" Sourdough Pizza
Delicious!  Joe Public totally kicked Domino's and many of the other big pizza chains' asses.  This was a really good pizza.  I went for one topped with sausage, cured bacon, ground beef, pepperoni, caramalized red onion.  I've never been to Joe Public but it looks cool, it's not be open long and occupies a former public toilet next to Clapham Common.
ETA: 29 minutes
Time Taken: 29 minutes

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