Top Ten Foods For Your First Deliveroo Order

December 04, 2016 11:09 PM
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Fed up of the same old takeaway food? It's time you gave Deliveroo a try and explored the high-quality and diverse selection of restaurants in your area which Deliveroo will deliver right to your door.

Sign up to Deliveroo now and with an average order time of just 32 minutes you could be enjoying food from a top neighbourhood Italian trattoria or a trendy national burger chain in no time at all.

10 Best Takeaway Foods

Mouth watering but need some inspiration? Below are my recommendations for the top cuisines and types of restaurant which you can get delivered from Deliveroo.

Across the UK over 5,000 restaurants are available through Deliveroo including the likes of Carluccio's, Dishoom, Ping Pong, Dirty Burger, and even Michelin-starred Trishna in London plus a selection of local favourites in each city.

Simply enter your postcode on the homepage to select from a range of amazing restaurants near you. Restaurant selection and food choices vary depending on location. Deliveroo currently serves 32 cities in the UK and Ireland, with more coming all the time.
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1. Burgers

Gourmet Burger Kitchen from Deliveroo

There's no denying that in recent years the the classic burger has been given an overhaul and is now the takeaway food of kings. From pop-up, hipster burger joints in East London to the familiar high street burgers chains in cities across the UK and all of these unique and varied burger restaurants are available through Deliveroo, including Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Byron and Honest Burgers.

Look out for one of the newest establishment to the burger game, Dirty Burger, they can already be found across London in Vauxhall, Whitechapel, Kentish Town, Shoreditch, Exmouth Market, Holloway Road, Balaham, Brixton, Croch End, Wimbledon and St. John's Wood. There's also fancier burgers to chose from like those served up at Patty & Bun on James Street, London while Cardiff Time & Beef are dishing up some of the finest burgers in town.
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2. Japanese

Wagamama from Deliveroo

You may be surprised to see Japanese food so high in this list but thanks to the likes of Wagamama and Banana Tree, Japanese and pan-Asian food is fast becoming one of Britain's favourite takeaway treats. Korean cuisine is also on the rise alongside Japanese, as more and more Brits order their favourite ramen, teppanyaki or chungjinok from Deliveroo.
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3. Chicken

KFC from Deliveroo

There's no denying our love for chicken in the UK, with a KFC or Nando's on pretty much every high street across the country, whether is finger-licking good Southern fried chicken or spicy peri-peri chicken we can't get enough of it. Which is lucky because thanks to Deliveroo, you can now get your favourite local chicken shop's menu delivered right to your door.
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4. Pizza

Pizza Express from Deliveroo

Pizza delivered to your door is nothing new, in fact mopeds dashing around laden with hot pizzas is the norm up and down the country but although takeaway pizza might be our guilty pleasure, you can't beat the quality of a restaurant pizza.

Deliveroo can bring piping hot pizza from some of nation's favourite pizza places right to your door, including PizzaExpress, Zizzi, Firezza and Prezzo but there's also the choice of plenty of lesser-known local pizza restaurants for you to discover like Joe Public in Clapham, South London.

Joe Public pride themselves in their massive 20" California-style sourdough pizzas, loaded up with huge amounts of fresh toppings.
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5. American & BBQ

TGI Fridays from Deliveroo

If BBQ pulled pork, chicken wings, steaks and ribs are more your thing then Deliveroo have that covered too.  You can now get that Friday feeling from the comfort of your own home any day of the week by ordering your favourites fromTGI Fridays menu and getting it delivered to your door.

With pit-style, slow-cooked meats and ribs growing in popularity more and more specialist eateries are popping up all over the country, some offering giant mouthwatering burgers, others specialising in the spiciest chicken wings in town. You'll find many of your local favourites on Deliveroo including MEATliquor, Red Dog and the excellent Chicago Rib Shack which can be found across London in Stratford, Clapham, Twickenham, Camden and Aldgate East as well as in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds. Make sure you try their Pulled pork spring rolls!
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6. Italian

Jamie's Italian from Deliveroo

Italian food has long been a favourite when eating out in the UK, whether at a local family owned traditional Italian restaurant or the classic lasagne, a staple of the British pub menu. However, until now getting Italian delivered to your door was never really an option, but thanks to Deliveroo you can now enjoy your favourite pasta dishes at home straight from the kitchens of some of the country's most-loved restaurants including ASK Italian, Jamie's Italian and Strada and best of all, you even get to free yourself from the chore of washing up after.
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7. Thai

Busaba from Deliveroo

There's nothing like getting a Thai delivered for a cosy night in with friends or family, for a long time the local Thai restaurant has dominated this space but now there's even more choice through Deliveroo. You can now get your favourite Thai dishes delivered in around 30 minutes from some of the most popular restaurants in the country, including chains like Busaba Eathai which can found across London and in St. Albans, Liverpool, Manchester. I also need to give Banana Tree some credit with their six restaurants in London as well as branches in Milton Keynes and Oxford.
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8. Indian

Indian food from Deliveroo

Curry and rice, the classic British takeaway option. For over over a decade it was reported that Chicken Tikka Masala was the nation's favourite dish, but it seems times are changing as people get more daring with the spice and opt for dishes like Jalfrezi instead.

Of course Deliveroo can bring you your favourite Indian curries straight to your door, but the choice is now better than ever with smaller independent Indian restaurants across the country now offering home delivery through Deliveroo for the first time ever.
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9. Mexican Or Latin American

Las Iguanas from Deliveroo

Eat Latin, drink Latin, for year Mexican had been a popular choice for those eating out but now you can get the spicy delights of restaurants like Las Iguanas delivered to your door by a night in.
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10. Sushi

Sushi from Deliveroo

YO! Sushi has exploded in popularity over the last few years firmly putting sushi on the menu as a British favourite. The great thing about sushi is it can be a satisfying meal with friends or light bite at lunch. Either way, jump off the sushi train and let the food come to you via Deliveroo.
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Feeling Thirsty?

Alcohol from Deliveroo

It's not all about food, Deliveroo can also bring alcohol to your door in a flash. Delivering everything from fine wines to craft ales including the selection available from the crowd-funding phenomenon, BrewDog who now have bars popping up all over the UK.
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My Journey With Deliveroo


Me with a Rooman and Roowoman.

I've been ordering from Deliveroo for well over a year now, some of my local favourites include Chicago Rib Shack, Pepper Tree and Joe Public all of which are located within ten minutes of my house in Clapham, South London.

Deliveroo has encouraged me to try so much more, places I'd never though of visiting on the high street. I've ordered deserts from Creams in Brixton but despite the ice cream I was able to avoid piling on the pounds with some healthy options like wraps from Mamas Jerk a pop-up chicken shop and a vegan vegetable curry from Vegbar in Tulse Hill.

I really made the most of my local food outlets, I even orderer from the massive selection of alcohol from local retailers including Devine Cellars, The King & Co and The New Zealand Cellar.

In fact, I've embraced Deliveroo so much that I even conducted my own experiment to see what it would be like to eat nothing but food from Deliveroo for a whole. You can read about my experience eating restaurant quality food at for seven days straight by clicking here.

Try It Yourself

Simply enter your postcode on the homepage to select from a range of amazing restaurants near you. You don't even need to worry about having money on you to pay, it's all done through Deliveroo's website or app.

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