Zak Bagans' 'Demon House' Gets Its World Television Debut On The Really Channel This Halloween

October 08, 2018 10:00 PM ‐ ParanormalTelevisionHalloweenGhost AdventuresDocumentaries
Zak Bagan's Demon House
UKTV's Really channel, home of #Frightday, have confirmed that British fans of 'Ghost Adventures' star, Zak Bagans, will finally get to see the ghost hunter's documentary on the night of Halloween.

Really announced that 'Demon House' will get its television debut as part of the network's "13 Nights Of Frights" programming, which will bring audience 13 consecutive nights of Halloween-themed and paranormal shows running up until the night of October 31st.

'Demon House' was originally released in March 2018 in the US only, so this is the first chance fans in the UK have had to watch the feature-length documentary horror film. Really Channel announced to excited fans that the film will air on their channel on Halloween night at 10pm.

'Demon House' is written and directed by Zak and is based around the story of the Ammons haunting, a case of demonic possession that made international news a few years back, which he describes as "the next Amityville".

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It all started in 2011, when Latoya Ammons appeared in news reports after claiming that her rented home in Gary, Indiana was haunted. The family claimed they witnessed paranormal activity including disembodied footsteps, dark shadows, poltergeist activity, and levitation.

As things worsened for the Ammons family, they turned to the local catholic church for help. The priest confirmed the house was haunted and performed several unsuccessful exorcisms in an attempt to help the family and clean the house, which by this time was being described as "a portal to Hell."

After a clairvoyant told the family that the house was haunted by no less than 200 individual demons, the activity started to escalate to a point where Latoya's son was allegedly possessed. This resulted in Latoya calling 911 and the boy being taken to hospital, where medical staff and members of the family witnessed him walk backward up a wall.

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Demon House - Ammons Family Haunting

When the Ammons' story broke, Zak straight away purchased the haunted house. Over the next three years he lead a team of paranormal investigators to try to validate the claims of the paranormal activity. But Zak, who has previously conducted more that 1,000 paranormal investigations, got more than he had bargained for in Gary. He called it "the case that really f**ked me up."

His film starts out with the backstory of the case, as well as interviews with eye witnesses from the local police force, the local priest, and members of the Ammons family. Zak also calls in Dr Barry Taff, who was famously involved in the Doris Bither case, the basis of the 1981 movie, 'The Entity'.

Really have also confirmed that Zak will return in a new series of 'Ghost Adventures', which will also air as part of #13NightsOfFrights. The new series will start on Friday 19th October, alongside a new series of 'Most Haunted', each with a run of ten episodes ending just short of Halloween on Sunday 28th October. The series of 'Most Haunted' will start with an "As-Live" special recorded at Ashwell Prison.

Meanwhile, American fans of 'Ghost Adventures' will be able to watch Zak and the rest of the team embark on a four-hour live investigation on the night of Halloween. The special will begin at 8pm EST on the Travel Channel in the US, but will also be available to watch around the world via a live stream on the Travel Channel's Facebook page. For UK viewers, the event begins at 1am on November 1st. There isn't yet any news on whether the live event will be shown on television here in the UK.

For all the latest news on the paranormal television you can enjoy this October, check out our full Halloween television schedule.

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