First Look At 'The Shining' Sequel: 'Doctor Sleep'

June 19, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Movies

Almost four decades after the release of 'The Shining', the legendary horror movie finally gets a sequel based on Stephen King's book of the same name, 'Doctor Sleep'.

A trailer for the movie has just dropped and show us Danny Torrance as a grown man, played by Ewan McGregor and includes several throwbacks to the original Stanley Kubrick movie, including a clip of the infamous "redrum" scene in Danny's bedroom at the Overlook Hotel.

The movie will follow an adult Danny as he tries to maintain a peaceful life while putting the ghosts and trauma of his past behind him. But when Danny encounters a teenager named Abra with a similar extrasensory gift to his, Danny is forced to confront what happened to him as a child.

The trailer shows Danny meeting up with Abra and talking about his powers and his past. Like Danny, Abra "shines", a power she'll need to use to take down a sinister cult known as "The True Knot", that preys on children with psychic powers.

When the pair inevitable team-up to fight this cult, Danny will need to learn to embrace his powers he's lived with for so long.

'Doctor Sleep' isn't technically a sequel to the original movie, but is based on King's 2013 follow up novel. The author was inspired to write the follow up while at a book signing in 1998 when a fan asked him what happened to Danny.

The movie is directed by Mike Flannigan, who recently worked on Netflix's supernatural series, 'The Haunting Of Hill House'. 'Doctor Sleep' also stars Rebecca Ferguson as the leader of the cult and Kyliegh Curran and will be released on 8th November.

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