Dulce Base: The Secret Bunker That Doesn't Exist

By Steve Higgins
May 31, 2024 1:00 AM ‐ UndergroundUrbExBooks
Underground Tunnel
Photo: © Stefan
Over in the US, there's an impressive-sounding secret underground base. The legend of Dulce Base has been shared in dark corners of the internet for decades, on forums and conspiracy sites. The story was first leaked in the late 1970s by a man claiming to have worked in the highly classified bunker near the town of Dulce, New Mexico. According to the leak, the base was a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) that was spread across seven subterranean levels under Mount Archuleta.

There are even stories that when the base was being constructed, they blasted their way into a natural cavern that was full of two-metre-tall grey aliens. This was said to be the catalyst for an underground man vs. alien gun battle that claimed 60 human lives. President Eisenhower eventually stepped in, and a treaty was formed with the extraterrestrials that gave them permission to conduct experiments on humans in exchange for alien technology. This work is now carried out at Dulce Base, which remains jointly operated by humans and aliens.

You'd be right to think this all sounds a bit far-fetched and that DUMB is a fitting acronym for the alleged base. Even famed ufologist Leonard Stringfield said, "I never read such a distortion of facts in my life." It's not just the stories of alien battles and human experimentation that ring alarm bells, it's also the complete lack of any evidence of the base itself.

You can drive through Corsham in Wiltshire and see the high fences and bunker entrances to the fabled Burlington bunker. You can drive up to the warning signs on the access roads to the infamous Area 51 on the Nevada Test and Training Range. In fact, you don't even need to leave home. You can jump online and search for images of secret bases from all around the world, and see photos of gates, no entry signs, and guard huts. You can even go on Google Maps and find these bases and view them from above. Area 51, for example, is easy to find on Google Maps, as is the secretive RAF Welford in Berkshire.

In a world where conspiracy theorists are constantly trying to seek out information on these places, there's no shortage of photos and videos. Just go to YouTube and put in the name of a secret base, and you'll find videos of people pushing their luck with security, driving around perimeter fences, and filming through gates.

The problem with Dulce Base is that there is none of this. There are absolutely no road signs or evidence that any military base exists in or near Dulce. There are no photos of gates, guard huts, fences, warning signs, or entrances to the underground facility. Not a single photo of this nature exists. On YouTube, there are no videos of researchers driving around the perimeter of the base or trying their luck by driving up the access road.

While trying to find evidence of the base myself, I came across a few aerial photos of what some claimed was the base. One photo showed an L-shaped structure with a circle next to it. I found this for myself on Google Maps, switched to Street View, and it turned out to be Dulce Elementary School.

The other set of images shows PNM San Juan Generating Station, New Mexico's biggest power plant. It's clearly a power plant. Even if the plant was a cover for a military base, it would have to be manned and operational, which would require a lot of staff. Would the Air Force really want that many civilians working on top of their most secretive base? There is clearly no military base in Dulce. We would know, we would have seen photos, we would know its name and we would know what happens there, even if it were just a cover story.
Dulce Base Nightmare Hall

The lack of any signs of its existence on the surface aren't the only issue, the evidence leaked is also problematic. The photo above is supposedly a leaked photos from level 6 of the facility, the photo seems to show human embryos being grown in glass containers. However, this photo didn't come from New Mexico, it's just an altered still from the 2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, 'The 6th Day', yet it is used by ufologists as proof of the base's existence.

The thing is, when you've been fascinated by secret bunkers for as long as I have, you know what to look for, and there are none of these things in Dulce. Where there's an underground secret, there are telltale signs that something might be hidden below. Having been lucky enough to have visited some of the most secure underground places in the UK, I've got quite a knack for spotting subterranean hideouts.

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