She looks sweet but she's been described as the most racist girl on the internet and over the last week, I've been fascinating by the story of this 18-year-old, Canadian girl and her highly controversial YouTube channel.  She goes by the name of Evalion and the aim of her videos is to enlighten the world about her extreme "alt-right" beliefs.

I was a little unsure whether to write about Evalion or not because the content of her videos is deep and to most people would be considered offensive.  In fact some countries take such a dim view on some of her views that just admitting to those beliefs is against the law.

The intention of this post isn't to slate Evalion and it's not necessarily to pick holes in what she believes, but clearly my ideology and I'm sure yours, is a million miles away from what she believes.

The Most Racist Girl On YouTube

At the weekend someone suggested that I had a look at a YouTube channel called Leafy, so I searched for his channel and checked out his most recent video which was called "The Most Racist Girl On YouTube," in which Leafy went off on a sweary-rant about this girl, while playing some video game.  Leafy, a screamy gamer, isn't for me but I was fascinated by this racist girl he'd introduced me to, who is of course Evalion.

From Ontario, her real name is Veronica Bouchard and she comes across as being quite sweet, well spoke and educated.  Over the next few days I literally watched all of the 30 or so videos on her channel.  Despite my obvious objections to her content, the videos were very well produced, well delivered and very engaging.  She had researched her topics well, albeit in a very bias fashion, and she had gained a pretty good following on her channel, she had around 20k subscribers who believed in what she was saying.
"I love Leafy, I always have and even more now that he made videos about me."

The Impact Of Leafy

After Leafy featured Evalion in his video, his 2 million plus subscribers sought out her channel and her profile on YouTube skyrocketed.  In just a few days she gained an extra 50k subscribers.  Her videos were flooded with comments, some showed support, but the majority were hate and abuse.

It was clear that most of the new subscribers were people like me who wanted to what would unfold next in the drama the was Evalion's channel.  However, Evalion saw this extra attention as a chance to convert the uninitiated to her way of thinking, or "red pill" them as she calls it, a reference to the movie, 'The Matrix.'

Evalion didn't mind this attention from Leafy at all, she even went as far as to say that Leafy is "crypto-nazi," a secret supporter of her fascist agenda and by exposing her channel to his audience he was helping to "red pill" his two million followers.  I don't believe for a second that's true, in one less ranty, more sincere moments he went as far as to say "I disagrees with probably every video she's ever made, and I disagree with probably everything she's ever said, and I disagree with her channel as a whole, and I think she deserves hard criticism."

Evalion might have enjoyed this surge in attention she was receiving but this influx of new viewers meant that all of a sudden she was no longer preaching to the converted and those with similar views, her believes were reaching a mainstream audience and when you're making content as polarising as hers, people get up set.

Her channel and videos received multiple reports from YouTube users for containing hate speeches and racist content.  Within four days of Leafy's video, Evalion's channel was removed from YouTube due to "repeated or severe violations" of the site's community guidelines.
Evalion Make America Great Again

The Evalion Agenda

So what exactly was this shocking content that for a few days had the whole Internet hating on an 18-year-old girl?  Well, rather than me trying to talk you through her content, I'll instead share a transcript of her channel's trailer....

Do you hate political correctness?
Are you sick of those feminists and cucks calling you a "privileged sis white male?"
Are you sick of those SJW (social justice warriors) trying to take away your freedom of speech?
Don't you just hate those Muslims who pretend to be refugees so that they can live of welfare and make the state pay for their ten kids?
Don't you hate those lazy ni**ers who are never satisfied even after they are given reparation?
Do you despise the Jews as much as I do?

If you said "yes" to any of those questions then Evalion's channel is for you.  Of course most of you will just be thinking at this point that she is disgustingly racist or that this is some kind satire, that the whole thing's one big troll or a joke.  It's really not, this girl is for real and she's been pushing these views from a while.  In fact before Evalion, she had another channel under the name Elegon.

So just to be clear, Evalion hates the Jews, blacks, homosexuals, feminists and Muslims.  Some of her most popular videos titles included "The Most Antisemitic Video Ever," "How To Identify A Jew" and "How To Identify A Feminist."

She also posted content with ten insulting facts about "the gays that activists don't tell you" and a whole video on how the Teletubbies are "communist propaganda."  But most terrifying of all was her video in which she sings happy birthday to Hitler with a plate of homemade, Nazi cupcakes in front of her makeshift shrine to the Führer.  She goes on to tell us how Hitler wasn't evil at all, he was actually a "great leader" and is one of her favourite people throughout all of history.

But of course, we all know Adolf wasn't a nice guy, right?  Because there was that time that he killed literally millions of Jews.  In fact it was somewhere between five and six million Jews who were killed, that's pretty evil.  Let's give him the benefit of the doubt, some alt-righters believe the number is actually a lot lower, only two million Jews... that is still pretty evil.  There are even those who deny the Holocaust took place all together, like Evalion, even if Hitler didn't kill any Jews at all, he still invaded Poland and started World War II.  He might have done a lot of good and dragged Germany out of the depression following the Great War, but there is no way that Hitler could ever be described as a great man.

As Leafy so eloquently puts it "when a motherfucker puts 6 million Jews into a Easy-Bake oven, it doesn’t really fucking matter that he helped out Gramma Sally cross the road!"

The amount of hatred this girl spews is actually quite hard to grasp.  She shows hatred for homosexuals, calling them "faggots" and accusing them of spreading disease through their promiscuous lifestyles.  She refers to black people as "ni**ers" and labels them as an inferior race of people who suffer from lower intelligence and higher susceptibility to criminal tendencies.

She also hates feminists.  She says most feminists have dyed red hair and speculates that the more brightly dyed their hair, the more toxic they are and thinks maybe "there's an ingredient in the hair dye that lowers their IQ."

There are some who doubt whether Evalion is a loan operative.  Many commenters online have suggested that the scripts for her videos are written for her and that her videos are funded by a larger group.  Could Evalion just be a puppet in all of this?

One Reddit user said, "those are clearly not her words or slides, she is just narrating while also throwing in a couple of weird things that go against the overall message. Plus she is featured by the biggest controlled opposition group out there."

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YouTube Suspended

This Account Has Been Terminated

After Evalion's channel was deleted by channel, most people celebrated the end to her tirade of racial slurs and hatred but her supporters have expressed their disappointment in YouTube's decision to cull her content saying that just like the rest of us, Evalion has the right to free speech.

Even Leafy who brought on the downfall of her channel agrees that her videos being removed is a bit on an injustice when it comes to free speech... but where do you draw the line?

Personally I think she crosses the line in the way she approaches the subjects in her videos.  Evalion is a well spoken, seemingly educated girl and I feel she's smart enough to be able to talk about people without resorting to derogatory terms like "ni**er" and "faggot."  Evalion is deliberately using this offensive terms, perhaps to be edgy, and I think it shows a lack of respect for those she's talking about.

Even if she was right about Jews, blacks and gays (which she is not,) referring to them as "kikes," "ni**ers" and "faggots" shows a blatant and intentional disregard for their feelings and I feel it is that level disrespect which has caused her to lose her right to free speech because her videos are hate speeches, not just political opinions.

Sharing political views is one thing but when that turns into inciting racism or spreading racial hatred then that's different.  Not only does it breach YouTube's community guidelines but it also breaks the law of certain countries.  In fact "Holocaust denial" is illegal in 14 European countries, as well as Evalion's home country of Canada, according to her.

While I don't agree in any way with the nature of her racist, homophobic and close-minded content, Evalion's videos were good quality, well presented and engaging and I think she could have easily used her intelligence to make sure her videos did comply with YouTube's guidelines by toning down the racial and homophobic slurs.
It's not just her YouTube account that's been shut down, Twitter recently pulled the plug on her account, @evalion88 too.  But it didn't take long for her to create a new profile to reach out to her followers, she's now known as @evalion1488.  If your worried this might be a fake account, she tweet the video above to prove it's the real deal... let's see how long this one lasts.
Evalion In a Tin Foil Hat

Have I Been "Red Pilled?"

No, I haven't but while politically and morally I fully disagree with every point that Evalion has ever made on her channel, I enjoyed watching her videos just to see what madness she came out with next.  I've also been obsessed with reading the comments and reactions to her videos and following the buzz around her channel.  It's been like an real-life, sinister version of the classic YouTube series, Lonelygirl15.

As part of my Evalion obsession I've also uncovered a whole network of channels that want to expose, silence and bring down Evalion.  Some going as far as revealing the Canadian town she lives in.  She's still just an 18-year-old girl, giving out her address on the internet, especially when she's so hated is not a good idea.  I wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to her and let's face it, she's probably not going to be a crazy, racist, hate preacher forever.  We all know people who were like her (to a lesser extent) who eventually grew up.

One day she'll realise that companies don't want to employ a vocal, nazi, Holocaust denier.  She'll come to the realisation that the world isn't as fucked up as it reads on dark conspiracy websites and as she matures she'll have to tone down her extreme views and fit in with society or she'll just become an social outcast.

Right now she might insist that she doesn't want to fit in with society and the views of the "brainwashed" masses but we all have to grow up at some point and leave those childish conspiracy theories behind us.

I'm miss the days when ghosts are UFOs were as real as my impending tax return to me.

Leafy's Video On Evalion

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Evalion.

What is Evalion88's real name?
Her full name is Veronica Bouchard.

How old is Evalion?

Where does Evalion live?
I'm not about to give out the address of a 19-year-old girl with lots of enemies, but in her videos she clearly states that she lives in Canada.

Is Evalion real?
Yes.  Like many others I thought she was a troll to start with but she is genuine.

How/where can I watch Evalion's videos?
YouTube terminated Evalion's official YouTube channel but her videos have been copied and reposted on various supporters' channels.  She originally tried posting on LiveLeak and Daily Motion but these platforms have also removed her content.

What is Evalion's new YouTube channel?
She hasn't yet set up a new YouTube channel.  She's currently taking a break from posting videos but is planning on making more content soon.

What happened to Evalion?
Nothing.  She's still around, her Twitter account is very active and she recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help her continue making videos.

Is Evalion Jewish?
A lot of people seem to think Evalion might be a Jew, however she's never said she has Jewish heritage in any of her videos.

Does Evalion have a Facebook account?
You can follow Evalion on her official Facebook page,

Does Evalion have Twitter?
Yes, originally she could be found on Twitter as @evalion88 but Twitter recently suspended her account, presumably on the same grounds as her YouTube account.  She has since set up two new Twitter accounts @evalion1488 and @veronicaevalion, she is currently more active on the latter.

Does Evalion have a website?
Yes, you can find Evalion's official homepage at

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