Fate Or Fake: The Paranormal Magazine Headline Game - July 2021 Edition

July 14, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
Fate Or Fake: February's Paranormal Magazine Headline Game
We've been through the July 2021 issues of the paranormal magazines 'Chat It's Fate' and 'Take a Break Fate & Fortune' and pulled out all of the headlines of their features, but can you tell which of the features below are real and which we've made up?

All you need to do is answer each question by telling us if the headline is "FATE" - a real title of a feature in the magazine. Or "FAKE" - ones we've made up in the style of the magazines.

1. My horse taught me to talk to animals

2. Learn how to read minds, even your pet

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3. Shadow people stalk my family

4. Write to the angels and get a reply

5. Evil spirits tried to kill our puppy

6. We broke into a haunted house and caused a tragedy

7. I wished my baby back to life

8. Neighbour still cuts my lawn two years after he dies

9. The magical forest that reveals your future

10. Attacked in my bed by an army of spooks

11. I'm a real life alien

12. I was met by the angel of death before it took my mum

13. Faulty car horn literally woke the dead

14. Phantom ghost door stopping me getting in my attic

15. Branded: Spook left me black and blue


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