Five Haunted Places We'd Love To See 'The Haunted Hunts' Investigate

June 08, 2021 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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The Haunted Hunts
British paranormal investigation team The Haunted Hunts have already investigated some of the UK's most famously haunted locations across three series of their show, with a fourth already in production.

The team is lead by Danny Moss and consists of Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter and Roxanne Rutter, between them we've seen the fearless ghost hunters tackle more than 20 locations, but here are five that we would love to see them investigate.

1. Tatton Old Hall, Cheshire

Most Haunted At Tatton Old Hall

The Old Hall sits within the grounds of Tatton Hall, in Knutsford, Cheshire and serves as the team's base, but despite this the location has never been investigated in an episode of 'The Haunted Hunts', something many fans of the show would like to see.

Perhaps Danny and his team could get to the bottom of guttural moans, loud knocking and footsteps reported throughout the house, as well as poltergeist activity, which is said to be commonplace, especially in the old Victorian dining room.

2. Saddlers Farm, Newchurch-in-Pendle

The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - Saddlers Farm

As part of the show's third season the team investigated the infamous Saddlers Farm, a legendary location that is at the epicentre of the famous Pendle witch story. The investigation was an active one for the team, which included impressive disembodied whispers on a locked-off camera, seemingly intelligent responses through the Spirit Box, plus movement and unexplained shadows.

The team felt that during their investigation they made contact with the spirits of two of the Pendle witches, but we'd love to see the gang head back to the sinister location to see what further evidence they could unearth there. Danny described the investigation up to this point as "one of our most significant ever," and confessed that he would love to go back, but since the location that dates back to the early-1700s is a private house, this is unlikely.

3. Masons' Manor, Liverpool

Masons' Manor, Liverpool

In the first series of the show, the team investigated a private location that is said to be so haunted that the owners have asked that its real name not be revealed, it is known simply as "Masons' Manor". The investigation was at time intense and left its mark on at least one member of the team, but as it is such a vast and untapped location, we'd love to see what else the team can find lurking behind the shadows there.

The original part of the manor was built in 1704 for the Molyneux family. Since then, the hall has been home to several notable figures, including the Earl of Sefton and Liverpool shipowner Frederick Richard Leylands. Later in its 300-year history the hall was used as a hospital during WWII, then became a meeting place for the Freemasons, before eventually becoming a school. Today the Grade I-listed mansion is abandoned and decaying.

4. Lancaster Castle, Lancashire

Lancaster Castle

The team are no strangers to Lancaster Castle having hosted two very memorable ghost hunts with members of the public there, but the location is yet to feature in an episode of 'The Haunted Hunts'. The team described the castle as a "very active" location, especially in the area known as the Well Tower and in an area underneath the castle.

It's no surprise the castle is so haunted when you learn that its bloody history dates back 1,000 years. The castle has witnessed 200 executions, the notorious Lancashire witch trials, and also served as a prison from the 17th century, housing prisoners up to the year 2011. We'd love to see this iconic location feature in a full episode and perhaps the team can get to the bottom of reports of disembodied whispers, phantom footsteps, and even sightings of dark shadowy figures.

5. Lower Wellhead Farm, Newchurch-in-Pendle

The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - Lower Well Head Farm

In the final episode of The Haunted Hunts third Amazon Prime series, Danny Moss and the team are given the rare opportunity to investigate a legendary paranormal hotspot. The remote farmhouse was built around 1660 and despite being allegedly very haunted, the Haunted Hunts were the first team to investigate the property since it last appeared on television in 2004.

During their vigil in the farmhouse they experienced strange technical difficulties with their equipment, one member of the team felt like they had been touched, and they captured what Danny described as the "best visual evidence we have ever seen."

The footage the team captured was a once in a career moment, but since the location's paranormal potential is so untapped, we would love to see if the team could recreate the same conditions on a future visit and perhaps even gather more visual evidence to back up the incredible catch they got the first time.


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