Most Haunted At Fort Paull, Part Two - Series 17, Episode 5 Review

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Most Haunted At Fort Paull

Yvette Fielding and the team wrap up a two-part investigation of Fort Paull in Kingston-Upon-Hull, this time they head to the warren of pitch black tunnels in the original part of the fort.

Fort Paull closed in 1960, but four years later it was taken over by the Friend Of Fort Paull, who began to restore it as a museum. This time the team will investigate a part of the fort that fort dates back to 1542, when King Henry VIII commissioned defence for ports on the River Humber.

The tunnels are said to be home to a sinister black mass which rises from the ground. Other visitors have witnessed demonic voices and reported being grabbed by unseen hands.

The show's resident skeptic, Glen Hunt, says that the tunnels are "very uncomfortable anyway," he added "it's damp, very dark." But demonologist, Fred Batt, thinks there is definitely something paranormal going on in the tunnels. He said, "I can feel something here, not very strongly yet, but I think later on when I call it up, it will get stronger."

Fred goes on to say that the tunnels were built and used in a time when paganism was popular, and there was apparently a lot of witchcraft around the area. He also thinks that the fort's proximity to water might make the paranormal activity stronger.

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The Story So Far

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

In the first half they investigated an old carrier plane, and an old train carriage, Eamonn Vann-Harris attempted to capture EVPs in the old train carriage where the ghost of a woman dressed in Victorian woman had been seen. Yvette and Karl Beattie made contact with her and even reported the strong smell of perfume.

Later, Glen, who was armed with an infrared thermometer, recorded a huge temperature drop in the carriage. In a fairly short space of time the temperature of the window, which he was pointing the thermometer at, dropped from 8°C to just 0°C. At one point it dropped one whole degree in just 30 seconds.

The episode ended with a scare for Yvette while she held one last vigil in part of the museum, which was dressed up to look like a military dental surgery. She ran from the building screaming and in tears outside explained that, "I felt something touch my head and then I heard something whisper in my ear."

Despite her shock, the investigation is far from over as the team start the second part of their investigation in the tunnels under the fort.

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The Drama Continues...

Stuart & Fred At Fort Paull Most Haunted

Fred and Stuart Torevell were first to delve into the King Henry VIII fort, but before they even got to their destination, Stuart heard a bang at the end of the tunnel. They reached an area of the museum where Stuart had seen a figure move across the room, while filming earlier in the day.

As Stuart was telling Fred about this encounter, the pair heard a loud bang from above them. Fred took this as a sign to start his incantations in the hope of summoning something and getting more activity. But Stuart wasn't happy about this. He said, "don't be bringing all that crap up, leave it."

But Fred insisted that that is why they are there, Stuart protested, "I don't want to be any part of it, Fred, if you're calling that stuff up because stuff is already happening."

Despite one final warning, "no don't bother. Fred, forget it," Fred resumed his Satanic chanting but Stuart had had enough, saying "forget it mate, I'm going," as he walked off.

Meanwhile, Karl was alone in one of the many exhibition rooms, which was full of mannequins of what looked like slaves. As he was leaving the room, he heard a sound behind him and spun around to find a chain on the wall swinging. He then heard several loud bangs and even laughter. He eventually got freaked out and left.
Yvette, Glen & Eamonn At Fort Paull - Most Haunted

Yvette, Glen, Eamonn, and Darren Hutchinson were in lower tunnels walking through various creepy exhibitions featuring mannequins and scenes from different time periods. Darren was the first to witness something, that he described as being "like a big gloop of something," which he said fell past him.

Yvette then started calling out to the spirits, but the team weren't happy to stay there for long due to the tunnel's sinister and negative vibe.

EVP Recordings

Most Haunted At Fort Paull

Yvette and her gang then gather around Eamonn's laptop to listen back to his EVP recordings, as always, they were really just garbled noise. At one point Darren had called out "if you'd like to talk to us, we'd love to hear you," this was followed by a hissing sound in the recording that Eamonn said was a "yes."

They then got the most bizarre sound I've ever heard in an EVP. It was like a whaling sound, almost like a motor starting up, but as if someone was making that sound. Yvette said, "to me, I want to cry, that's sent chills, I can't even speak."

Pointing at the waveform on his laptop, Eamonn said, "that appeared before our very eyes." Glen added, "we saw that recording on to the software and it's the sound the microphone is picking up yet none of us heard it at the time."
Most Haunted At Fort Paull

After Darren had issues with a camera, which seemingly turned itself off, the team re-grouped and changed locations. Glen, Darren, and Eamonn went down in to King Henry VII's fort and straight away Darren heard what sounded like a growl, but the area proved quite for them.

However, an already jumpy Yvette and Stuart joined Karl in the exhibition area, where he'd witnessed the chain moving already.

While wandering around between the creep exhibits, a door slammed closed behind Karl. Yvette said, "I can't get over that door. I heard something and I turned around and the whole thing was swinging." Karl added, "it was like something was coming in, that's what made me jump."

Stuart then heard what he thought sound like conversation from outside, which lead the team to the surface and marked an end to the investigation.

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