Gamu-gate memorabilia on eBay

October 11, 2010 12:59 AM ‐ Television

She's probably the best known of this year's X Factor contestants even though she's not in the show anymore... or the country for long but people have gone mad for Gamu!


I randomly did a little eBay search for Gamu and was amazed what I found.  First off we've got this lovely Gamu CD clock, it's like a clock made from a CD with a still of Gamu from the TV show on it (copyright Syco entertainment) - that can be yours for just £3.75.

How about a lovely Guma Nhengu doll?  11 hours left to get your hands on this life-like replica of the X Factor failure - look, she's even got the red flower in her hair!  The seller says "I have made this doll to support the nation in protest against the bad desicions made on Sunday to deny Gamu the chance of proving how good she is".


Then there's the mug - standard.

And a "don't shoot Gamu" t-shirt, which based on some of the stories in the press this weeks, is actually in pretty bad taste - but I'm sure she'll be fine, she just needs to correct the bank account number that she originally got wrong on her visa application and she'll be back in no time.


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