Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits - Ted Bundy's Ritual House [Episode 4 Review]

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Ted Bundy Ritual House - Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits
'Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits' is the latest offering from Zak Bagans and the 'Ghost Adventures' crew. The four-part miniseries is a spinoff from the long-running ghost hunting show. In this week's episode the team visit Bountiful, Utah, to investigate an abandoned house which is linked to the most notorious and cunning murderer they have faced yet.

Zak welcomes us to the final episode in the season from a school carpark, where in 1974 serial killer, Ted Bundy, abducted Debra Kent. Zak says that some believe that the killer took the young woman to the Anson Call House, which is situated just 150 meters away from the carpark where she was abducted.

Zak tells us that the house, which is known locally for its ghost stories, "has a history of Devil worshipping and violent spirits."

The ghost hunter poses the question which will become the goal of their investigation to answer, "did Ted Bundy kill Debra Kent in this house and the do some very dark ritualistic practices, and conjure the entity, that even he said live in his mind and told him to do these horrific acts?"

The house has been occupied and abandoned many times over the years, but in 1997 a major gas explosion occurred at the property and left it permanently condemned and with its possible connections to Bundy, Zak calls it "a sanctuary for evil."

Upon arriving at the property, Zak speaks to the little boy living next door to the house after they saw him mysteriously throw a log down in front of the haunted house's door. The boy told Zak that the abandoned home is haunted by the ghost of children who died in the house.
Ted Bundy Ritual House - Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits

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Once inside, Zak started out by using one of his ghost hunting gadgets to try to detect an open portal at the site of a pentagram in the living room. Zak says he's using a geophone device "which measures temperature and electromagnetic energy."

This isn't strictly true. A geophone doesn't detect heat or electromagnetic energy, as the name suggests it's to do with geological movement and it actually detects vibration. The gadget Zak is using is called an EDI meter which has several functions built in, including EMF and thermometer as well as a geophone. Ironically the geophone is the one function of the device that Zak is not using.

As Zak places the device on the floor its blue lights start flashing indicating that it is detecting a spike in the electromagnetic field. Moments later Zak starts to feel uneasy. It wasn't clear exactly what happened, but he described it as "a sledgehammer of evil."

After composing himself, Zak continues his investigation now aided by Aaron Goodwin who's armed with a spirit box, a device which rapidly scans through AM and FM radio frequencies. It's believed that spirits can manipulate the static and white noise to form intelligent responses.

The duo heard a muffled noises which sounded like a voice through the device and amazingly, this alone was enough to cause Aaron, a hardened ghost hunter, to step out of the investigation. He said he was starting to feel light-headed.

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Ted Bundy Ritual House - Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits

As the team prepped for their investigation outside the house, the front door suddenly swung open causing the team to jump mid-conversation, but this wasn't enough to stop them entering the house as darkness fell outside. It was Aaron that Zak nominated to go in alone first. Once again using a spirit box, Aaron captured a female voice saying "in the basement."

Zak took this as an instruction a lead Aaron and Billy Tolley into the basement, while Jay Wasley monitored the team via remote cameras back at the nerve centre. Zak was using a device called an Ovilus V, which is said to allow spirits to communicate by selecting words from a built-in database using their energy and just as Aaron said "basement" the word "base" flashed up on the device's screen. Zak concluded that this half word was a spirit repeating Aaron.

Later in the investigation, still in the basement, Zak unexpectedly locked Billy in a room. Zak claimed he had no choice but to do it and that he wanted to see if "natural fear could trigger something". Billy used a spirit box in the small room, and had several voices come through - none of which were very clear.

Zak and Aaron headed upstairs with an SLS camera, a device which tries to find human-like shapes in the darkness. Ghost hunters think that this device is able to see things that the human eye can't. While using the device in a hallway, he captured what he described as a "mind-blowing figure". The figure was shown in the form of a glitching and dancing stickman on the camera's screen for a brief moment.

Zak then placed a TriField meter in the middle of the satanic circle, this is a very sensitive form of electromagnetic field meter that can detect a wider frequency range than a normal EMF meter. As Zak put a spirit box down next to it the device spiked. The reaction seemed to coincide with a muffled voice from the spirit box, but could have also been due to Zak putting an electrical device next to the meter. The meter only spikes when the EM field strength changes around it, so it makes sense that it would settle again after Zak had placed the spirit box on the floor.

Aaron then had another moment that caused him to flee from the property. He scream something about his shoulder and once outside explained that it was like the sensation of a needle being pushed into his back. Another sound is caught on the spirit box at the same moment, Zak thinks the voice was saying "burn 'em," which although sinister seems unconnected to Aaron's attack and moments later the team report feeling a sudden drop in temperature.

Once Billy was released, the whole team gather in the living room around the ritual circle in a final attempt to provoke activity. During this final vigil they heard several sounds around them and caught a voice through a  spirit box which seemed to say "Jay". Moments later Billy prematurely ended the vigil by leaving the circle and wandering off, prompting the others to follow and attempt to find him. This didn't take long, but when they tracked him down Billy was acting strangely.

As Billy seemingly returned to normal he returned to the ritual room and walked right into the centre of the circle, but nothing seemed to happen and moments later the team leave the house.

Ted Bundy was infamous, his story is intriguing and his potential connection to the house was interesting. The episode had all the makings of the strongest in the season, but it fell a little flat compared to the previous three episodes. There was much more talking - much of it quite repetitive - and a lot of discussion about the few incidents that did happen in the episode. The actual investigation elements were strong, but there just wasn't any real quantity to it.

This week's episode marks the final instalment of 'Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits', but you can catch Zak and the team at the same time next Friday in a brand new episode of 'Ghost Adventures' on Really as part of the channel's #Freakend event, bringing viewers two nights of paranormal entertainment every Thursday and Friday.

You can watch in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the Discovery family of channels. You can watch Really on Freeview (17), Sky (142), Virgin Media (129) and Freesat (160), plus YouView, BT TV and TalkTalk TV. Or watch previous episodes on demand on dplay.

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