Can A Heatwave Increase Paranormal Activity Levels?

July 14, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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UK Heatwave Summer Sun
Hauntings are said to be fulled by energy and there isn't any bigger source of energy that exists than our Sun, so what happens to ghosts when sunshine beats down on us more than normal and temperatures soar.

Some paranormal researchers believe that sunlight may increase hauntings. It's based on the theory that hauntings are associated with electromagnetic energy, of course the biggest source of this in our daily lives is the Sun.

Some teams try to introduce electromagnetism into their investigations by using a device called an EM pump, which pumps electromagnetic energy out into a location in the hopes that spirits can draw on that energy and use it to manifest or communicate. The obvious fact that is being overlooked here is that sunlight is also a form of electromagnetic energy, so it might also be able to fuel a haunting.

Some paranormal teams note an increase in calls for help with hauntings during unusually sunny and dry spells, leading them to theorise that sunlight gives paranormal entities the energy they need to haunt the living.

In 2018, a long-lasting heatwave was experienced across Britain which seemed to cause a major increase in paranormal activity. Paranormal investigator, Gary Parsons, told the press at the time that since temperatures shot up he'd experienced a huge increase in calls from the public reporting ghostly goings on.

Usually Halloween is the most paranormally active date in the calendar, but this year it seems to have come early. Gary, of the Plymouth Paranormal Investigators group, noticed the spike at the beginning of the summer. He told The Sun, "we have received a major spike in the number of calls during June and July, with people reporting scary supernatural phenomena."

The professional ghost hunter has blamed the scorching summer heatwave for the increase in supernatural activity. Many believe that in order to manifest, ghosts and spirits need to draw on the energy around them. Could it be that the above-average temperatures and unusually sunny and dry conditions is giving paranormal entities the energy they need to haunt the living?

Skeptics say that the increase ghost sightings could be due to the psychological effect of the heatwave. Heat is an irritant and the discomfort it causes, including getting less sleep, might make people less alert and more susceptible to hallucinations. There are studies linking heat to lowered cognitive function, an increased heart rate, higher testosterone production and even a perception of time passing more slowly than normal.

But if sunlight is helpful when trying to spot a ghost, why do so many people hunt for ghosts in the dark?

The belief is that in a light environment a spirit doesn't always have enough energy to manifest and become visible, it's being drowned out by surrounding energy fields - the brighter it is, the harder it is. Occasionally a spirit will be strong enough to overcome this barrier and manifest in the day time but generally it is said to be more difficult.

The effect is similar to the principle that a radio has better reception at night, you'll find you're able to pick up radio stations from further away. This is because during the day, solar radiation from the sun ionises our atmosphere.

This heavy ionisation in the atmosphere is known to drown out certain forms of electrical activity such as radio and television broadcasts and it's thought to be the same energy which is preventing ghosts from manifesting.

The other possibility is that the investigators are simply wrong. Perhaps they should put down their torches and go in search of some of the countless apparitions reported in daylight instead of sitting around in the dark.

It's not just heatwaves that are said to affect the paranormal. Many also believe that thunderstorms can cause an increase of paranormal activity.

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