Ghosts & Spirits Communications Quiz

May 12, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ GamesParanormal
Ghostly Conversation
There are countless different ways that paranormal investigators attempt to contact spirits, from simply asking them questions directly or encouraging them to know once for "no" and twice for "yes." Through to more technical forms of communication such as use of a spirit box or ghost hunting app.

With all these different methods and techniques used to contact spirits, how much do you know about communication with ghosts? Below are some tricky questions designed to test even the most hardened paranormal investigator.

1. What do the initials ITC stand for in the field of paranormal?

2. We all know that EVP is electronic voice phenomena, but what is DVP?

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3. Today scrying involves gazing into a mirror in the hopes of contact spirits, but what was traditionally used instead of a mirror?

4. Which of these is NOT another name for a Ouija board?

5. A spirt box can be used to communicate with ghosts, but what do they do?

6. It's often said that you can communicate with spirits by observing the flickering of which of these household items?

7. What do electronic speech synthesis devices base their random word generation on?

8. What do paranormal investigators call the act of speaking aloud to spirits in order to communicate?

9. Why should you explain to spirits that two knocks means "yes" when attempting to communicate with them?

10. What can you use to shield a spirit box from external radio broadcasts?

11. Which of these words is not present on a Ouija board?

12. Which of these is good practice when calling out to spirits?

13. Dowsing rods are most commonly used to search for underground sources water, but they can also be used to communicate with spirits.

14. Which of these classifications of haunting is generally thought NOT to be able to communicate with the living?


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