Glastonbury & The Mystical Vale Of Avalon

June 12, 2015 9:37 PM


In 5th and early 6th century England, Glastonbury was believed to be known as the Isle of Avalon, at this time it was in fact an island with Glastonbury Tor rising high out of the water, since then the surrounding land has been drained for agricultural use.

The whole area, now known as the Somerset Levels, is believed to be the place where King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged and later where Arthur was taken to recover from his wounds after the Battle of Camlann.

For centuries Avalon has been associated with mystical practices and monks at Glastonbury Abbey have claimed to have discovered the bones of Arthur and his queen.

Due to theses connection between Arthurian legends and Glastonbury the area has come to be known as the Vale of Avalon and has great religious significance for Neopagans, Neo-druids and as a New Age community.


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