Music From 'Gogglebox': The Complete List Of Songs

September 17, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Television

'Gogglebox' is easily one of the Britain's favourite television show. The weekly digest of the best TV direct from the homes of ordinary families across the UK is a must-see every Friday night.

Gogglebox Remote Control
We've all come to know and love the families who shout, laugh and cry at their TVs each week for our entertainment. But aside from the show's sofa-bound cast, the music plays an important role in setting the tone and feel for the programme.

The theme tune which features the lyrics "in a perfect world" is the best known song from 'Gogglebox'. The track is called 'Perfect World' and is taken from the Irish band, Kodaline's second album 'In A Perfect World'.

A couple of other Kodaline songs are scattered throughout each episode, but despite this the band haven't yet managed to pile on to a sofa to appear on the show, despite making a plea to Studio Lambert who make 'Gogglebox'.

During an interview ahead of their BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge appearance in 2015, Mark from the band told Fearne Cotton, "we would love to go on the show."

Main Titles: Kodaline - 'Perfect World'

The part of the song used as the theme tune to 'Gogglebox' starts at the two minute and 14 second mark, towards the end of the track.

'Gogglebox' Logo Sting

Gogglebox Logo

After the show opens to 'Perfect World' we're then given a little tease of what's coming up in the episode. The topical opener, features the voiceover saying something along the lines of "in the week they released the new Β£10 note, we were treated to lots of great telly." The show was originally narrated by Caroline Aherne, and now Craig Cash.

After the tease, the 'Gogglebox' logo is then revealed on screen among lens flairs over a lit up city at night. While the logo is on screen we hear the show's next musical cue, an unidentified short electronic-sounding musical rift.

Into Adverts Sting

Gogglebox Into Ads

Before each commercial break a short stab plays, it's similar to the logo sting but is more sustained and features vocals which simply sing "ooohh oooooh ooohhhh". The artist and title behind this piece of music is also unknown. If you can identify this or the logo sting, then please leave the information in the comment section below.

Out Of Adverts Music

Out Of Ads

After each ad break we see an establishing shot of the outside of one of the families' houses with the hashtag #Gogglebox in the bottom corner of the screen. Usually the narrator sets the scene over a piece of music saying something like "in Derby, the Siddiquis."

During this shot and other similar shots which acts as bumpers throughout the show, various different pieces of music are used, including another of Kodaline's songs 'Brand New Day', American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons, and as song called '1957' by Milo Greene.

Kodaline - 'Brand New Day'

The instrumental introduction to this song is the part which is used on the show. The song features on the same album as the main 'Gogglebox' theme tune, 'In A Perfect World'.

Imagine Dragons - 'It's time'

An instrumental version of this Imagine Dragons' song is used frequently in 'Gogglebox'. The chunk of the song used starts 55 seconds in. 

Milo Greene - '1957'

Milo Greene, a Californian indie pop band are used regularly in the show. The introduction to their 2012 single, '1957' is a familiar sound on 'Gogglebox'.

What Is The New Pop Song In 'Gogglebox'?

Gogglebox Post-Titles Montage

At the start of the tenth series of 'Gogglebox' at the end of 2017, producers began to include new, poppier music after the show's logo fades away. It replaces the Kodaline song 'Brand New Day', which was used in this spot previously, but is still used elsewhere in the show.

The music used is by Fickle Friends, an indie pop band from Brighton and is played over an audio montage of voices of the cast members while various interior and exterior shots are shown on screen including the outside of houses and the families gathering around their televisions, some with takeaways.

The segment is highly stylised with Instagram-like lens flares and tilt shift-style soft focus around the edge of the frame.

Fickle Friends - 'Brooklyn'

The 2016 song featured in the show from the one minute and seven second mark.

Fickle Friends - 'Glue'

'Glue', a more recent song by Fickle Friends, is used 38 seconds from the beginning of the song.

The inclusion of more upbeat pop music instead of the show's usually more mellow soundtrack has alienated some of the show's viewers, despite the fact it only makes up around ten seconds of the programme.
"What's with this weird music montage? Feels like a cheap itv2 show or something. Keep it pure. #gogglebox"
However, fans of Fickle Friends couldn't be happier to hear the band they love's music being used in the iconic Channel 4 show.
"Omg fickle friends on #gogglebox again 😍 😍 😍 I am loving this."

Can You Help?

If you can identify any of the unnamed songs on this page, please share your knowledge in the comments section below.

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