Gregg Smith: Most Haunted's Fearless Cameraman

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Gregg Smith - Most Haunted
Most Haunted's cameraman, Gregg Smith has to be the coolest and calmest member of the team. It's not that he doesn't embrace the paranormal, in fact he's often the first to pick up on it, but he usually remains unshaken.

47-year-old Gregg studied psychology for three years at the University of Manchester, before deciding to retrain in media, he holds a BA Hons in Media and Business Studies.

Gregg, who's from and still lives in Manchester, started his media career after attended the North West Theatre School, this led him on to work as a runner and third assistant director on countless television commercials.

He also worked on the British movies 'Bob's Weekend' and 'The Tichborne Claimant', before becoming a cameraman, which of course has been his role on Most Haunted since 2015.

But, Gregg's involvement in the show goes far beyond just holding a camera, he's expected to call out to the spirits and track down spooks in all of the haunted locations the team, fronted by Yvette Fielding, visit.
"He's a demonologist, not a fairyologist."
Gregg Smith at The Moat House, Tamworth

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Gregg is by far the calmest member of the Most Haunted team, his level-headed manner means that he is often the first to pick up on negative vibes or weird atmospheres in the locations they are filming in.

He's also pretty insightful, often taking the time to speculate on the behaviour of the spirits they encounter, especially when he feels the resident spooks are playing with them. He's usually the first to point out things like, "it followed us into the room."

At the infamous poltergeist house, 30 East Drive, Gregg said, "this room every time we come into this house just freaks me out, every other room is kind of alright, but this room, there's just something wrong about this room."

Perhaps Gregg does sometimes over think things, like during the 2018 special at Codnor Castle Cottage when he thought that a ghost might have been impersonating the show's executive producer Karl Beattie on the walkie talkie. Gregg seemed unsure who was calling them as he thought the voice sounded odd, "we could be being lured up there by someone."

Gregg's strength has to be asking out to the spirits, something he's really good at. Of all the team, Gregg speaks the most clearly, confidently, and is the most respectful.

Usually he's first on the scene to offer help to fellow team members when the paranormal activity turns violent. But there has been times when Gregg has been at the receiving end of these physical phenomenon.

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Gregg Smith Collapses At 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Gregg's first scary experience was at 30 East Drive in Pontefract. Karl and Stuart Torevell were on the landing of the house, when all of a sudden Gregg screamed and fell to the floor.

Yvette and the others ran out to see what all the noise was about. "It just felt like a cramp or something around here," Gregg said while rubbing his lower chest. He added, "it literally felt like someone grabbed me round there and squeezed."

He described the sensation as being like a spasm or like someone was performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on him. Gregg had a similar sensation at Codnor Castle Cottage. On this occasion, he said, "it knocked the wind out of me."
Gregg Smith At Hill House - Most Haunted

Gregg has also witnessed plenty of odd occurrences during his three years with the show, most notably at Hill House in Sandbach.

Gregg saw something odd while filming in the daytime before the investigation, he said, "I saw a figure or a shadow or something grab this chandelier and pull it and start it rocking. I thought it was one of the crew messing about so I raced up here," he could see no one at the top of the stairs.

Gregg described the figure he saw as being dark and without colour, and said there wasn't a light source that could have created a shadow in the location he'd seen it.

He also spotted something odd in the attic of Codnor Castle Cottage, he said he could see a smoky shape that was almost like the camouflage used by the alien hunter in the movie 'Predator'.
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