HighStrange Magazine Aims To Be The Most Innovative & Trustworthy Source Of Paranormal Information

November 09, 2022 1:00 AM ‐ Paranormal

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HighStrange Magazine
HighStrange hopes to informs its readers with articles that are well-researched and even annotated in addition, while of course entertaining readers with more light-hearted, fun articles and even a spooky, reader-submitted ghost story or two.

The new digital magazine's team of paranormal experts and investigators, folklorists, and historians from around the world say that what makes them different is that they view the paranormal through the lens of reason and a more scientific mindset than some other paranormal magazines, podcasts, television shows and books.

While most of our writers are skeptics by nature, and first attempt to debunk phenomena, the team say they are also open-minded enough to turn to the fantastic when natural causes can't be identified. In addition, they will honour the tradition of sharing proper old-fashioned ghost stories and explore the world of folklore, where many of our haunts and monsters began their lives.   

The magazine also explores the world of science, touching on quantum theory and how it may impact our understanding of the paranormal, columns on alternative religions and practices, and instruction to help new and experienced boots-on-the-ground ghost hunters.

HighStrange even offer an elementary-teacher-created, G-rated section for readers' "little monsters" to learn with, have fun with spooky crafts and games and enjoy a giggly shiver without experiencing nightmares at bedtime.

"Like many in the paranormal field, I experienced quite a few seemingly paranormal events in my life right from childhood. An insatiably curious person whose belief in the established religious community ultimately failed to make much sense, I have been investigating various aspects of the paranormal for many years. I am a skeptic who wants to believe," said Ranee Decker, the founder of HighStrange Magazine.

The first full edition of the magazine will be published in December 2022 at high-strange.com, with future editions being published every other month. If you want to give it a try, a sample issue is available now for free.

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