A Haunted High School In Nevada Tempts The 'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' Back For An Overnight Visit

February 07, 2023 1:00 AM
Hollywood Paranormal Detectives
Photo: © PARAFlixx
A haunted high school with unusual paranormal activity brings the casr of the PARAFlixx series, 'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' back for an overnight visit.

'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' return to Goldfield, Nevada, a small and quiet town, to investigate the high school known for its intensity. On a prior paranormal investigation, team lead Steven Adkins captured an audible voice which sounded like his own. "The last time we were in this town, something used my voice. Tonight I'm not coming out until I find out exactly what they want," says Steven.

The high school has three levels— and psychic medium Mandy Mazzei picks up on a presence which feels angry and culminates in a specific area. Just as Mandy begins describing the experience, she is visibly scratched. 

Throughout the night, the team experiences quite a lot more paranormal activity. Mandy tries automatic writing which indicates a female child trying to make contact. Subsequently, 'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' uncover further communication which corresponds with these findings. A location known for its intensity turns out to be even more than expected. Steven leaves with even more questions than the first investigation and says "we will definitely return to the town of Goldfield to settle the score." Watch how it all unfolds in this new season four episode on PARAFlixx paranormal+.

Watch 'Hollywood Paranormal Detectives' at Goldfield High School, with Steven Adkins, Mandy Mazzei, Emily Kirkpatrick, and Brian Rae now streaming worldwide and ad-free only on PARAFlixx paranormal+, on-demand video streaming platform packed full of unique and exclusive paranormal shows. For more information, visit the PARAFlixx paranormal+ website at paraflixx.com.

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