How To Bring A Snowman To Life With Magic

December 14, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsChristmas

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Did you know that using some Christmas magic, you can make a snowman come to life just like from 'Frozen?' Follow these simple instructions to brew a living snowman potion.

You'll need a few simple ingredients in order to create a magical harmonica which you can then play to bring any snowman to life.

1. Ice Water

Living Snowman Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is some sub-zero iced water. About one pewter should be plenty as the base for your potion.

2. Brussel Sprouts

Living Snowman Potion

Then add everyone's favourite festive delicacy, Brussel sprouts. These miniature cabbages are a popular part of Christmas dinners in many countries around the world. Drop three into your cauldron.

3. Chestnuts

Living Snowman Potion

Chestnuts are known for their ability to be roasted on an open fire at Christmas, that makes them a perfect ingredient for this potion. You'll need to add three nuts into your concoction.

4. Who-Roast-Beast

Living Snowman Potion

Next you'll need to add one slice of rare Who-roast beast. A delicious festive favourite in Whoville as well as other parts of the world.

5. Eggnog

Living Snowman Potion

The add in one whole copenacre jar of family eggnog.

6. Stir

Living Snowman Potion

In order to stimulate the magic, stir well your mixture well using a wooden spoon.

7. Reach Inside

Living Snowman Potion

Reach inside of your cauldron and you should find a magic harmonica. Pull it out, you'll need this later.

8. Build A Snowman

Living Snowman Potion

Dress up warm and then head outside, it's time to make a snowman. But remember that in some towns and cities you may need planning permission to construct an icy humanoid.

9. Name

Living Snowman Potion

Once you have your snowman, you'll need to give it a name. I called my snowman Toby.

10. The Magic

Living Snowman Potion

Take out your magical harmonica and play a quick little ditty. The musical notes will instantly bring your snowman to life. He'll be able to walk and talk, and will be your friend for as long as the weather stays cold.

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