How Can You Spawn A Minecraft Creeper In Real Life?

August 17, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Minecraft Creeper Potion

If like me you're a fan of Minecraft, then you've probably wondered if it's possible to spawn a creeper or other types of mobs, but I don't mean in the game... I mean in real life! The instructions below will help you make a potion to summon creeper mobs at will.

1. Gun Powder

Minecraft Creeper Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is some gun powder, I'm using a Harrington M-12 bullet. Simply unscrew the base and pour the whole contents into your cauldron.

2. Clay

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Next you'll need add a block of clay. Clay can usually be found under the water or under a few layers of wet soil near water.

3. Iron

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Next add a block of iron, this is usually dug out from mines where it occurs naturally in veins as iron ore. The ore then needs to be refined in a furnace.

4. Redstone Dust

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Redstone dust, or redstone powder is a magical substance which can be electrified, it is derived from redstone ore which forms deep underground.

5. Water

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Water, the element commonly known as H-20, a delicious refreshing, life-giving liquid. It's best to pour a measure of water into your cauldron using a small metal bucket.

6. Place Cauldron In Corner

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Once you've added all of your ingredients and stirred the mixture well, you'll need to place your cauldron on the floor in the corner of a well ventilated room.

7. Turn Off Lights

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Mobs will only spawn in darkness, so turn of your lights or light.

8. Wait

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Once in complete darkness, sit back and wait for your mob to spawn, this can take some time and they only warning you'll have that a creeper is near is its distinctive hissing sound.

9. Mods Will Spawn

Minecraft Creeper Potion

Once you spot a creeper it's best to move fast to avoid it as they're known to spontaneously explode and kill or seriously injure anyone nearby.

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