How The ParaPod Built A Cult

August 05, 2016 3:54 AM ‐ ParanormalThe ParaPod

Ian and Barry talk about the psychological impact of social media bullying, how their careers have changed since they launched the ParaPod. As well as how to structure a podcast, how to monetise it and how to build a relationship with an audience through podcasting.

Simon Caine, from 'Ask The Industry Podcast' interviewed Ray Peacock and Barry Dodds, hosts of The ParaPod.

Simon talks to the guys about how they started such a successful and have managed to grow a cult-like following around it. Ray and Barry's podcast tackles topics of a paranormal nature.

Barry is a strong believer in the supernatural and the afterlife, where as Ray is a total skeptic.  It's fair to say that Barry does often take a bit of a beating in the podcast episodes due to his outlandish claims of ghosts, and as a result listeners often take Ray's side on Twitter and send Barry abuse.

During the interview, Barry talks about how social media bullying can impact someone psychologically.

He and Ray also talk about how their careers changed thanks to their speedy rise to podcast fame.

They also talk about how to structure a podcast, how to make money from podcasting, and how to build a relationship with your audience through podcasting.

The interview is primarily aimed at the podcast industry and anyone interested in starting their own podcast and building an audience for it, but is also a must-listen for any fan of Barry, Ray or The ParaPod.

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