How To Become A Fairy With A Magic Potion

October 08, 2017 8:00 AM ‐ PotionsMythical Creatures

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I often get asked how you can turn into a fairy using a magic potion, so here's a step-by-step guide to brewing your own working fairy transformation potion.

1. Water

Fairy Potion

Add your first ingredient, one whole pewter of fresh water from a spring or supermarket.

2. Light A Flame

Fairy Potion

Light a flame or bunsington burner underneath the cauldron as this potion needs heat to solidificate the juices into fairy dust. Wait for the water to reach boiling point centipede and then continue.

3. Fairy Liquid

Fairy Potion

The next ingredient you'll need is a small bottle of mild, orange, fair liquid. Carefully pour the liquid into your cauldron, ensuring you don't waste any via spillages.

4. Doebach Sphere

Fairy Potion

Next you'll need one of these strange shiny balls, it's called a doebach sphere. Drop one into your cauldron.

5. Condensed Cloud

Fairy Potion

The next ingredient you'll need is some condensed cloud. You can solidify the cloud yourself using a cloud tamper system such as the BX35, or you can buy it pre-condensed.

6. Silver

Fairy Potion

Next drop in a piece of silver, such as this silver coin... but your own one.

7. Pixie Petals

Fairy Potion

The final ingredient you'll need is some pixie petals. Drop two petals into your cauldron.

8. Stir Well

Fairy Potion

Continue to heat your potion will stirring, until the potion solidifies into a sparkling dust.

9. Fairy Dust

Fairy Potion

Let your cauldron cool down and then take a handful of the fairy dust.

10. Sprinkle The Dust

Fairy Potion

Throw the fairy dust up in to the air above you.

Fairy Potion

Be sure to stand underneath so that the fairy dust lands evenly all over you, and your transformation will occur.

11. Transformation

Fairy Potion

Being a fairy is great fun, you'll be able to fly, sprinkle your own fairy dust and roar like a fairy.

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