How To Become A Ghost Using A Magic Potion

February 19, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsParanormal

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When you think of ghosts, you probably think of dead people like the singing ghost of Sir Molly Beswick, but did you know. you can actually become a ghost as a living person? In order to do this, you'll need to brew an oblixus potion, here's how.

1. Invisible Cherries

Ghost Potion

As ghosts are invisible, the first thing you'll need is a flask of invisible cherries.

2. Ethel Betun

Ghost Potion

You'll also want to be able to walk through walls as a ghost, to do this add one ethel betum.

3. Death Beetle Earwax

Ghost Potion

Next you'll need to add the wax from a death beetle's ear.

4. Lizardberry Juice

Ghost Potion

And to liquid your potion up, pour in a whole bottle of lizardberry juice. This completes your oblixus potion.

Ghost Potion

Collect some of the potion in a small bottle and insert it in to the top of an ectomographier machine, like this Ghost Master 400. It take about 30 seconds for the machine to get up to speed, once it does the room will be flooded with ectoplasmic gas.

Ghost Potion

Don't fight the gas, instead take deep breaths and you will notice your body begin to slowly fade away. When you want to become a non-ghost, simply turn the machine off and your body will become solid again.

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