How To Become More Beautiful With A Magic Potion

February 03, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you've ever dreamt of becoming more beautiful and less like a hippocrocafrog, then this potion is for you. All you'll need is your favourite cauldron and a few simple ingredients.

1. Sugar

How To Make A Beauty Potion

First drop in one Dutch spoonful of brown sugar.

2. Spice

How To Make A Beauty Potion

Next sprinkle in about 40 childrams of a spice of your choice, I'm using Benetton.

3. Whole Tinned Rice

How To Make A Beauty Potion

Then if you like, you can add in a whole tin of whole tinned rice.

4. Rejuvaloft

How To Make A Beauty Potion

Next add one bottle of the butification liquid, rejuvaloft.

5. Princess’ Eyelash

How To Make A Beauty Potion

And finally you'll need to drop in the eyelash of a princess. Be sure to ask for her permission before cutting it off.

Then stir your mixture using a pine wood spoon and apply some to your fugly face. You'll then need to stare at yourself in the mirror. At first you'll appear as pig-like as ever, but turn the light off and back on again and you'll see your new beautiful face.
How To Make A Beauty Potion

If you like what you see, simply tap 'save' on the accompanying app, or 'undo' to revert back to your previous face.

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