How To Brew A Healing Potion

March 11, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you've sustained an injury in battle or just a flesh wound, then this potion will have you feeling tip top and back to full health in a matter of minutes.

You'll need a cauldron or pot and a few ingredients, one of which can be hard to find.

1. Unicorn's Blood

Healing Potion

This potion can be tricky to make as it requires unicorn's blood, which is near impossible to find. You'll need a standard wizard's measure of unicorn blood.

2. Sea Salt

Healing Potion

Next add a pinch of sea salt from an ocean of your choice.

3. Sage

Healing Potion

Next add some of the powerful occult herb, sage. A few twiglets should be plenty.

4. Parsley

Healing Potion

Then add the herbolic vegetable plant of parsley, again just a couple of twiglets is fine.

Give your potion a good stir and then drink just one sip of the concoction and recite the 'good health spell' from the book of shadows.

Ancient spirits, I evoke your wealth.
Return my body to its full health.
Just like Zelda, let my hearts be three.
Mend my wounds and let blind men see.
Once I am healed, it is you I'll serve.
Please give me the body that I deserve.
Healing Potion

Your wounds will instantly healing, allowing you to go about your normal daily life routine patterns.

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