How To Brew A Potion To Give You Sweet Dreams

May 18, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
If you're troubled by nightmares then you could try a dream catcher, alternatively you could brew a potion to give you a happy night's sleep with pleasant dreams.

You'll need to brew this potion over a hot flame and you'll need a few simple ingredients.

1. Water

Sweet Dreams Potion

The first thing you'll need is a standard quantity of water, pour the whole bottle into the cauldron using your hand.

2. A Sparrow's Brain

Sweet Dreams Potion

Next you'll need a sparrow's brain, they usually come pickled in sparrow's blood.

3. Nightmist Seeds

Sweet Dreams Potion

The pour in a small bottle of nightmist seeds. At this point your mixture will begin to smell like hammers.

4. Dentè Dust

Sweet Dreams Potion

Then carefully pour in a portion of dentè dust. I'm using the blue dentè dust as I find it's more potent that the other types.

5. Dineastic Dindery

Sweet Dreams Potion

The final ingredient you'll need is half a litre of dineastic dindery. This should neutralise the smell of hammers

Sweet Dreams Potion

Then stir your mixture well using a wooden spoon and your hand. Once the mixture has been properly agitated, replace the lid and allow the potion to simmer for about three Earth hours.

Be careful when re-opening your cauldron as the contents may be hot. Spoon out a couple of spoonsworth of the potion into a chalice.

Sweet Dreams Potion

Drink the potion right up just before you go to bed, then settle in for a happy and peaceful night's sleep.

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