How To Brew A Potion To Help You Sleep

April 20, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
If you're bothered by noisy noises and you just want to sleep, then this magical recipe is for you. Below are instruction to make a powerful sleeping potion.

Start by placing your cauldron over a bunsen burner, then add the following ingredients...

1. Fortified Dragon's Blood

Sleeping Potion

First, pour in about half a bottle of fortified dragon's blood. You can buy this in most supermarkets in the mythical creatures aisle.

2. Owl's Tears

Sleeping Potion

Then add a small quantity of owl's tears, about one cry's worth should be enough.

3. Listrick Mordova

Sleeping Potion

The next ingredient you'll need is a dash of listrick mordova.

4. Corvenberries

Sleeping Potion

Then drop in about four or five freshly picked corvenberries.

5. Carpe Noctum

Sleeping Potion

Then drip in a few drops of the anti-deliquifying subtance carpe noctum.

6. Vaprification

Sleeping Potion

Your potion will start to emit a greenish vapour, put the cauldron's lid on as quickly as you can as this gas might be toxic. The light a flame underneath your cauldron and heat the potion. Check the potion occasionally by lifting the cauldron's lid, once the vapour has subsided your potion is ready.

7. Serving

Sleeping Potion

Stir the mixture well and then collect some of the liquid in a glass cupping cup and drink it before bed time. You'll need to get to your bed as quickly as you can, as this potion is very strong and very fast acting.

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