How To Brew A Potion To Let You Teleport Anywhere

September 03, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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As airlines continue to put up the cost of flights, I've uncovered a cheaper way to travel around the world using magic. In order to teleport you'll need a photo of the destination you have in mind, a compass and some hands so that you can pick up the two items.

Before you can begin the teleportation ritual you'll need to brew a displacement potion using the following ingredients as described in the Advanced Potion Making book. I'll guide you through this process now...

1. Sinal Clump

Teleport Using A Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is a sinal clump. These slimy green conduulums are great for moving things from one place to another.

2. Water

Teleport Using A Potion

Then add a small cup of warm water.

3. Kry-Teeves

Teleport Using A Potion

Stir in about half a pack of kry-teeves.

4. Novatarium

Teleport Using A Potion

Next, add one scoop of novatarium.

5. Hickerman

Teleport Using A Potion

And finally add one drop of hickerman. Use a dripper to drip one drop into the mixture. Then pour the potion into a kremsin chalice and place it on a table alongside the photo.

Teleport Using A Potion

The quaff the potion and slam the compass down on to the photograph. Then repeat the name of the place you want to appear in.

Teleport Using A Potion

After a few seconds you should see a flash of light and you'll arrive in your destination. There is however one downside, this technique only teleports you, not your clothes or possessions. You might find it quite hard to get back home with no money and no passport while completely naked.

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