Minions In The Real World

September 10, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Would you like your own minion to serve you, help you with your evil plans and with world domination? Well now you can, by brewing a magical potion to give you a minion egg.

Yellow Cormoran’s Milk

Minion Potion

The first ingredient you'll need to pour into your cauldron is a small bottle of yellow cormoran’s milk. If you don't have any at home, you can buy some online.


Minion Potion

Next add one, standard, household apple. These are easy to get hold of from any fruit and veg, or electrical store.


Minion Potion

Then add a banana. Minions love fruit and this will help it to develop in to a strong and healthy creature.

Yellow Protomasic Cell

Minion Potion

Finally, to spark minion life, add a single yellow protomasic cell and after a good stir, leave your potion to settle over night.

Minion Potion

The next morning you should find a minion egg in the bottom of your cauldron, place it on a flat surface, somewhere warm, and wait for it to hatch.

Minion Potion

Minion eggs usually hatch within a week, so you'll have your new servant in no time at all.

Minion Potion

Once you have your minion you can inject them with injects the PX-41 serum which will turn it into an evil, monstrous, purple being.

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