How To Get Electric Powers With A Magic Potion

May 28, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Here's how to get super human electrical powers like Battery Man, using a special magic potion that you can brew yourself with a few highly charged ingredients.

1. Lead Shot

Electricity Power Potion

The first ingredient you'll need is 50g of lead shot.

2. Zinc

Electricity Power Potion

Next add around the same quantity as the next ingredient of ground zinc, this will act as your potion's anode substance.

3. Cream Of Carbon

Electricity Power Potion

Then we need to balance this out with some cream of carbon, which will be our cathode juice.

4. Ammonium-Cholrinade

Electricity Power Potion

Then to get the magical reaction started, add double as much as the last two ingredients combined of ammonium-cholrinade, this is our electrolyte.

5. AAAA Battery

Electricity Power Potion

To make sure the potion has the required spark of power, drop in a quadruple A battery.

6. Charge

Electricity Power Potion

Once you've brewed your potion, you'll need to pass 1.21GW of current through it using some steel electrodes. Let the current flow for about 10 seconds, before removing the electrodes.

Take a cup of the potion and drink it. Drinking this potion can be a little uncomfortable, you may experience a sensation like backwards hair loss but straight after your powers will come into effect.

Electricity Power Potion

Electricity powers are great to show off with at parties. They allow you to power electrical items with just a touch. It's great for charging your phone on the go.

Electricity Power Potion

This potion can also help you save money on your home electricity bill by giving you the ability to pump electricity back into the national grid.

But be warned, don't go swimming, bath or shower for at least 48 hours after drinking this potion.

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