How To Get Laser Vision

September 29, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you'd like to be able to destroy baddies, bullies or brothers with laser beam eyes, then this potion is for you. To start with you'll need a kremsin chalice, then simply add the following ingredients...

1. Red Hot Chili Pepper

Laser Vision Potion

One large, fiery chili pepper, ideally it should be about 14 billion scovatrons.

2. Flipstentien

Laser Vision Potion

Then pour in a whole bottle of the delicious dark berry juice known as flipstentien.

3. Medlick Sanderbeans

Laser Vision Potion

Then using your fingers drop in four medlick sanderbeans, the fresh ones are best as they smell less.

4. Tabascoid Sauce

Laser Vision Potion

Finally add in a few splashes of one of the spiciest sauces known to human mankind, Tabascoid Sauce.

5. Drink

Laser Vision Potion

Drink the contents of the chalice but remember it may be spicy, so have some milk on stand by.

6. Fire Your Lasers

Laser Vision Potion

Then simply concentrate on an object you'd like to blast. Stare at it and think of it's destruction.

Laser Vision Potion

I practiced with a chicken's leg joint as it's easy to see the full power of the laser on its fleshy leg flaps. Once the chicken leg is cooked to perfection, you know your laser beam eye system is working.

Laser Vision Potion

A word of warning: do NOT use your laser eyes around flammable materials, or at gas stations.

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