How To Get Lightning Power With A Potion

June 09, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
Have you ever wished you could control the power of lightning and summon it at will?

This potion will give you the superhuman power to do just that. Follow the instructions below to brew the potion and harness the power of lightning.

1. Lightning Stone

Lightning Power Potion

The first ingredient you'll need to add into you sacred chalice or cup is a fully charged lightning stone.

2. Crackling

Lightning Power Potion

Next add a small piece of crackling from the anus of a pig's neck.

3. Firegrass

Lightning Power Potion

Then add a small pinch of firegrass. I pinched this firegrass from a neighbour.

4. Bolt Blue

Lightning Power Potion

Then you'll need to pour in one small blue bottle of Bolt Blue.

5. Thunderslug

Lightning Power Potion

And lastly, if you can get the slimy thing out of its container, add one thunderslug.

6. Read The Incantation

Lightning Power Potion

The recite the following spell from the book of shadows...

I offer myself to the gods of the sky,
I ask for you blessing from way up high.
Spark and flash let my powers ignite,
Like a bolt from the blue out of sight.
Let me at will strike dow with a crash,
Lighting the sky with a fiery flash.

7. Try Your Powers

Lightning Power Potion

The drink the entire chalice of potion juice in through your mouth hole and after a few seconds you should start to feel tingles in your fingers.

Concentrate hard on where you'd like the lightning to strike and summon it with a swipe.

Watch The Video Instructions


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