How To Get X-Ray Vision With A Potion

November 23, 2019 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
If you'd like to be able to see through solid objects with superman-like x-ray vision then this potion is for you.

You'll need a cauldron and a few simple ingredients to get started, then simply follow the instructions below.

1. Jamfatti

X-Ray Vision Potion

First take a small belmount jar of jamfatti and pour it into your cauldron. If you have any jamfatti left over, you can use it to banish evil spirits.

2. Garlic Cloves

X-Ray Vision Potion

The next ingredient you'll need to add is two garlic cloves. This ingredient is very easy to get hold of in almost any hardware store.

3. Foxsickle

X-Ray Vision Potion

The pour in a small bottle of foxsickle, this magical oil will start the reaction in your cauldron.

4. Rustican Barbantiun

X-Ray Vision Potion

Next you'll need some rustican barbantiun. Mine comes in a jar and is persevered in a natural bile.

5. Parabolic Tarhegon

X-Ray Vision Potion

Then take a whole donson flask of parabolic tarhegon, a dark liquid that effects the eye area of the human. Pour the whole bottle into the cauldron.

6. Sindlewood Seeds

X-Ray Vision Potion

The final ingredient you'll need is some sindlewood seeds. Mine are dried and stored in a test tube. You'll need about a human handful of the seed.

The take a spoon of your choosing or choice and stir well your mixture well.

X-Ray Vision Potion

Once fully agitated, coat a regular pair of glasses with the potion and put them on. I tested my x-ray vision by trying to find a small red ball under one of three cups.

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