How To Get Your Own Magic Owl

November 21, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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Would you like your very own magical owl? If you have a brain, then you might think that owls come from eggs. Most birds are, however owls are actually brewed in a cauldron.

These instruction will tell you how to make your own magical owl, using a few ingredients which are easy to find...

1. Cranberry Juice

Owl Potion

First off, pout a litre of cranberry juice into your cauldron and allow it settle like a lake of red puss in the bottom.

2. Owl Feather

Owl Potion

The add ones owl's feather. You should use a feather from the specific make and model of owl that you want to recreate.

3. Bird's Beak

Owl Potion

Next you'll need to add a bird's beak, this can be from any type of bird, except for a falcon.

4. Crow's Eyes

Owl Potion

Then drop in two crow's eye. You can often buy fresh crow's eye from magic stores, if not frozen ones will work too.

5. Quelm

Owl Potion

The last ingredient you'll need is a good sized blob of quelm.

6. Bless The Potion

Owl Potion

You'll then need to bless your cauldron with a cinnamon stick to activate the magic potion.

7. Hello, Owl

Owl Potion

After a few moments your new pet owl will emerge.

8. Feeding Time

Owl Potion

Once you have your owl, you'll need to feed it. Its favourite food is lasagne. I cooked one from scratch for my owl.

9. Magic Powers

Owl Potion

Owls are incredibly magical, they can make things appear out of thin air, like these flowers.

10. Packing Up

Owl Potion

When you're finished with your owl, you can simply pop it with a pin and revive it using the same process later.

11. Potty Training

Owl Potion

Remember, you may need to potty train your owl as they do tend to emit pellets in very random places around the home.

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