How To Grow A Dragon With A Potion

November 24, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you'd like your own pet dragon, then here's a potion which will allow you to grow your own dragon egg that you can hatch at home.

1. Brentcylium Andercluck

Dragon Potion

First pour in a delicious bottle's worth of perfectly pink brentcylium andercluck as your base fluid.

2. Transdibulum Moxfate

Dragon Potion

Next pour in a slightly smaller and more opaque bottle of transdibulum moxfate.

3. Bat Pee

Dragon Potion

Add to this the juice from an even smaller bottle with a picture of a bat on the side. Inside this batty bottle is bat pee.

4. Flaxwing Hawks' Hearts

Dragon Potion

Then add the heart of two flaxwing hawks. They may look delicious, but don't be tempted to eat them, they taste like gak.

5. Stir & Egg

Dragon Potion

Stir your potion until the mixture becomes as thick as ken, eventually you'll be able to ball it up into an egg-like egglette. Dragon eggs come in many different flavours and styles, remove it from the cauldron and see what you have.

6. Incubation

Dragon Potion

Once you have your egg you'll need to embarkation on the task of incubationing it. To do this the egg needs to be kept hot in a cauldron full of water over a flame. Do not let the water boil, try to keep the temperature at around 80 centipede. This process could take hours, days or even hours, but eventually you'll hear a high-pitched scream coming from the egg, which indicates it's ready to be removed.

7. Hatchings

Dragon Potion

Then simply place the egg on a hot plate and wait for the dragon to emerge.

Dragon Potion

Dragons make great pets and they're cheap to look after. When they're young they're happy with just a handful of potato chips as their main meal and perhaps a fiery chilli as a treat at the weekend. However, you will need a license to own a dragon as escaped pets can wreak havoc over hundreds of miles of square miles.

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