How To Listen To The 'Uncanny' Summer Special

June 06, 2022 9:00 PM ‐ PodcastsParanormalRadio
Uncanny Summer Special
Danny Robins has brought fans of his paranormal podcast, 'Uncanny' a two-part summer special. Here's everything you need to know and how to listen for free.

The first season of BBC Radio 4's hugely popular supernatural series came to an end in January, but returned this week with a case, entitled 'A Canadian Horror Story'. The case doesn't mark the start of a new season, but serves as a summer special.

Danny teased the podcast's return as a one-off summer special, but as the 30-minute-long episode drew to an end on BBC Sounds, the host revealed that this was in fact the first of a two-part special, premiering over two consecutive weeks.

The story, which was told to Danny by a 38-year-old NHS worker named Scott, is Danny's 16th case as part of the series. You can listen to the first part of Danny's investigation on BBC Sounds now. It can be found here and has been available since June 6 at 6pm, earning the episode the hashtag #Uncanny666 on Twitter.

The second part of the 'Uncanny' Summer Special drops at 9pm on Monday, June 13. You can subscribe now on BBC Sounds and the new episode will automatically drop into your feed.
At 9pm as the second part drops, Danny and his paranormal experts who feature in the episode, Evelyn Hollow and Deborah Hyde, will be taking part in a live tweet-along. So, press play at exactly 9pm on Monday and join the conversation on Twitter.

The tweet-along will be followed by a Twitter Spaces discussion about the case immediately afterwards, giving you the chance to ask any burning questions you have about the case.

Follow @danny_robins, @_EvelynHollow and @jourdemayne to make sure you don't miss out, or follow the conversation using the hashtag #Uncanny.

In the first part of the case we met Scott, who told us about a time when he was 14 and set off on a "dream holiday" with his family to Newfoundland, but a night in an isolated, costal house built into a cliff on Twillingate island proved to be a terrifying experience for the now 38-year-old.

Scott described a restless night which started with a distorted and unsettling human voice heard through an old radio, but with relentless footsteps and a shaking bad, the strange events escalated and became more and more violent. The terrifying night climaxed with Scott's younger brother being physically thrown across the room.

Scott's experiences were dramatic, but it's not the full story, the next day he learned that his parents had also had a disturbed night. Danny told listeners, "there is so much more to come in this case, because next time on 'Uncanny', get ready to meet Scott's dad, Brian, as we find out what happened in the room next door."

Danny left listeners with the tease, "wait till you hear what happened to his parents."

The first part of the 'Uncanny' Summer Special is available now on BBC Sounds, and continues on June 13 at 9pm.

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