How To Make A Potion To Give You Wings

June 06, 2017 8:40 AM ‐ Potions

Have you ever wanted to fly like Tinkerbell or a penguin? Well here's a potion to make your flying fantasies become as true as lemonade. Of course, if you really want wings you could try Redbull but magic is always a better option.

1. Milk

A litre of milk

The first thing you'll need to do is pour 1 litre of fresh cow's milk into your cauldron.

2. Bird Feather

A feather from a bird called Gary

Then add a feather from a bird called Gary, the bird MUST be called Gary or there is no way this potion will ever work.

3. Tawnymoth Weed

A handful of tawnymoth weed

Next add some tawnymoth weed, it's best to collect this fresh from the underside of a manatee, about a handful should be enough.

4. Magic Beans

Five magic beans

Then add five magic beans.

5. Test Acidity

Litmus paper

This potion can be dangerous to the human drinking system so you need to test it before consumption using a slice of litmus paper.

6. Dip The Litmus

Dip litmus paper into cauldron

Dip the litmus paper into the liquid and check for an anti-acidic quota of -Ph478.

7. Check The Litmus Paper

Anti-acidic quota of negative pH478

If the litmus paper comes out red then you're good go, the potion is safe to drink.

8. Fatal Error

Litmus fatal error

If the litmus paper turns blue then an error has occurred and the batch of potion should be destroyed or given to dogs.

9. Serving Suggestion

Flying potion

Serve your potion with a slice of lemon and drink immediately.

10. Wings

Girl with magical wings

Your wings will develop within three or four minutes

Your new sings may be small and weak to start with but will grow and strength over time until you have the power to fly like a Boeing 29-7.

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