How To Make A Potion To Turn You Female

June 02, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

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If you're a male human man but you'd like to experience life as a female lady, then this potion will temporarily switch your gender to the gender of the female gender.

To begin, start making your potion to begin with. You'll need a standard two pewter cauldron and the following ingredients...

1. Water

Sex Change Potion

First add 250 billilitre of distilled water from the aquà pureè range. Make sure the water is as wet as possible.

2. Chessups

Sex Change Potion

Then add one whole jar of chessups, the anti-quarvine semi-chemical retrogelatine pipes.

3. Blood Bar

Sex Change Potion

Next you'll need one dried blood bar, this can be hard to find, but there's one eBay seller called Gavin who specialises in all forms of dried blood products.

4. White Tobe Balls

Sex Change Potion

The add a garrison tube of white tobe balls. It's very important that they are white, any other colour could cause ultra-cooling that can result in premature flatulence.

5. Kresin Tab

Sex Change Potion

Then drop in a kresin tab of your choice, I'm using a chocolate flavoured one.

6. Teal Tenderlech

Sex Change Potion

Finally add a teal tenderlech, just one good sized piece of this mysterious ocean fruit will be enough.

7. Wand It

Sex Change Potion

Then using your magic wand, knock three time on the side of the cauldron.

8. Activation

Sex Change Potion

You'll know your potion is ready to drink when sparks appear from inside the cauldron. Wait for the to die down and then continue if you want.

9. Anchor Removal

Sex Change Potion

Before drinking your potion, ensure no anchors have formed in the mixture. If they have, remove them before serving.

10. Server

Sex Change Potion

Using a scoopy-scooper transfer some of your potion into a chalice, add an ice cube and drink it through your mouth pipe. You'll start to feel a tingling sensation like reverse sick coming from within your bones. Don't fight this feeling and within seconds your transformation will occur.

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