How To Make A Rememberall

February 08, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions
If you suffer with bad memory, then these instruction will help you make your own rememberall so you never forget anything ever again.

1. Amberson's Syrup

Memory Potion

First add a whole bottle of amberson's syrup, it's a rare bisexual melamene fluid which can be obtained from the benecular gland of the grand pubus.

2. ???

Memory Potion

Next you need some of this stuff. I can't remember what it is, but I bought it from a man called Martin, or John, or Simon... or it could have be Simone. Add about 14.2.6 microchasms into your potion.

3. Spanish Chorizo

Memory Potion

Then add three thin slices of Spanish chorizo to help speed up the reaction. I got my chorizo from Dusseldorf, the capital city of Spain.

4. Parliamentary Alarm System

Memory Potion

The key ingredient in this potion is an alarm clock. It can be either a battery powered or wind up clock.

5. Stir Well

Memory Potion

Then using a wooden spoon, stir well your mixture well.

6. Bottle

Memory Potion

Add a small amount of the potion in to a small glass jar or bottle, use a pipette to do this more easily.

7. Cork It

Memory Potion

Then seal the jar using a cork and you have your very own rememberall.

8. How To Use

Memory Potion

Hold the rememberall in your hand, if it turns red then you have forgotten something.

Memory Potion

If it turns red, tap the rememberall twice and it will print a to-do list on any WiFi enabled printer.

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