How To Make A Stay Awake Potion

January 30, 2018 6:00 AM ‐ Potions

Are you feeling tired? Then here's a potion to help keep you awake and it uses a few simple ingredients including sugar, coffee, milk and water. First get your cauldron, ask Aunty Maggie for help if you're weak and the cauldron is too heavy for your puny little arms.

1. Sound The Gong

Stay Awake Potion

First sound the gong to scare away the night demons.

2. Sugar

Stay Awake Potion

Then add a pinch of sugar to your cauldron.

3. Milk

Stay Awake Potion

Next pour in a splash of milk.

4. Coffee

Stay Awake Potion

Then add a handful of coffee granules.

5. Water

Stay Awake Potion

Fill up your cauldron with some boiling water.

6. Stir

Stay Awake Potion

Then stir well your mixture well using a spoon of your choice.

7. Serve

Stay Awake Potion

Then ladle some of your potion into a mug shaped drinking vessel. Drink the whole mug's worth and your potion will kick in quickly keeping you up all night.

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