How To Make A Weather Control Potion

June 30, 2019 6:00 AM

This article is more than three years old.

Are you fed up with rain and gloomy grey skies? Or perhaps you'd like a little more rain to help your crops or garden, then here's how to control the weather with a magical potion. The potion will allow you to take control of the elements and change the weather on demand.

You'll need a cauldron to concoct your mixture in, a magic wand and a few simple ingredients. First set up your brewing station and light a hot flame underneath your cauldron.

1. Rain Water

Control The Weather Potion

First add a Bombay flask full of rain water as the base fluid for your potion.

2. Crystallised Sundrops

Control The Weather Potion

Followed by one small bottle of crystallised Mediterranean sundrops.

3. Petrified Hailstones

Control The Weather Potion

Then add about a handful of petrified hailstones, they can be any size, age or race.

4. Liquid Fog

Control The Weather Potion

Next you'll need one whole testing tube of liquid fog.

5. An Autumn Leaf

Control The Weather Potion

And finally, collect the first autumn leaf to fall and drop it into your potion.

Control The Weather Potion

Let your potion simmer until after dinner and then dip your magic wand into the mixture to load your weather charm. Then simply potion your wand at the sky and use the weather charms, metrologico followed by the desired weather.

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