How To Summon A Christmas Elf

December 11, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsChristmas

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Christmas Elf Potion

If you're struggling to keep up with housework, schoolwork or community service over Christmas, then you might need an elf to help you out. These instructions will teach you how to summon your own Christmas elf to help you around the home.

Christmas elves are small, friendly beings who love nothing more than helping out humans at Christmas time.

First you'll need to set up your brewing station over a hot flame, then you'll need to make a special festive potion.

1. A Jingle Bell

Christmas Elf Potion

First drop in one jingle bell. Elves love these as it stop them getting lost in the forest, their natural habitat.

2. Snowman's Nose

Christmas Elf Potion

Next add in a snowman's nose, it's best to pick this off of a snowman's actual face yourself, otherwise there's no way of knowing if it's genuine or just a carrot.

3. Mulled Wine

Christmas Elf Potion

Then pour in a large glass of hot, spiced mulled wine, rich in cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Mouth Wash

Christmas Elf Potion

Next add in a small amount of mouth wash liquid. This will stop your elf from having bad breath, which could affect his elf esteem.

5. Pixie Dust

Christmas Elf Potion

Then you'll need to empty a whole bottle of unfragranced pixie dust into your cauldron.

6. Boiling

Christmas Elf Potion

Finally top of your cauldron with some boiling hot water. This should start the magical reaction and bring your potion to life.

7. Stir

Christmas Elf Potion

It's important that you stir well your mixture well. Then replace the lid and allow it to simmer over a flame for about twice the same amount of time.

8. Settle & Cool

Christmas Elf Potion

Next place your cauldron on a flat surface and allow the mixture to cool. And wait... Before long the lid of the control will start to rattle and an elf will emerge.

9. Elf Care

Christmas Elf Potion

Once you have your new elf, you can use it to help you around the home... but they are quite small so don't expect them to do anything heavy lifting.

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