How To Talk To The Undead At Halloween

October 05, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsHalloween

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If you'd like to be able to speak to the undead, then in this guide I'll tell you how you can brew a potion which will allow you to see dead people walking around like regular people.

1. Determine If A Spirit Is Present

Undead Potion

First you'll need to check there's a dead person nearby, the easiest way to do this is with a pendulum. Simply hold the pendulum and call out to the spirits with the question "is anyone there?" If a spirit is present, the pendulum will swing from left to right to indicate 'yes'.

2. Add Water

Undead Potion

Once you know there's someone there to talk to, it's time to make your potion. As it's Halloween, I'm using a pumpkin instead of my usual cauldron. First add a 100th of a hundred bottles of rain water.

3. Vulture's Blood

Undead Potion

Followed by one small sized bottle of fresh vulture's blood.

4. Add A Bat's Wing

Undead Potion

Then drop in a whole bat wing, ideally from a Transylvanian vampire bat, but any bat will do.

5. Add Dog's Breath Toadstools

Undead Potion

Next drop in a handful of dog's breath toadstools.

6. Serve Potion

Undead Potion

Then as always stir your mixture well and collect some in a glass.

7. Drink

Undead Potion

Drink the potion down in one go and you'll soon be able to see any spirits which are near and talk to it to.

8. Talk To The Dead

Undead Potion

Find a spirit you like the looks of and invite them to sit down with you for a chat.

9. Tame The Spirit

Undead Potion

If the spirit starts to become agitated, the best way to calm it down is to offer it a humbug.

10. Punish The Spirit

Undead Potion

If the minty candy doesn't work, then you could always try using your stun gun.

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