Is Krampus Real?

December 25, 2017 6:00 AM ‐ PotionsChristmas

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Krampus is a half-man, half-goat, half-demon who is hellbent on destroying Christmas for everyone, including Neil Petark. He's also responsible for punishing children who are on the naughty list.

If you're feeling brave, then these instruction will show you how you can summon Krampus on Christmas Eve.

1. Santa's Beard

Krampus Potion

First you'll need to drop Santa's beard into your cauldron. It doesn't need to be the real Santa's, but it does need to belong to someone who works for him.

2. Red Cherries

Krampus Potion

Next, drop in two frosted red cherries. A favourite for making festive fruit punch, Christmas pudding and for placing inside your mouth.

3. Christmas Tree

Krampus Potion

The next item you'll need to add is a 7.3 inch Christmas tree. This must be a real, living tree, not a rubbish plastic one.

4. Water

Krampus Potion

Then water the tree with some melted Lapland snow water.

5. Gingerbread

Krampus Potion

Next drop in a gingerbread man's leg. The left one is the right one to use, but if you wanted to you could use the right one instead. You'll only need the leg, so you can eat the rest of the gingerbread body and mind if you like.

6. Snow Globe Juice

Krampus Potion

The final ingredient you'll need is the juicy liquid guts of a snow globe. Snow globes normally contain a magical mix of snow glitter and Chinese water. Once the globe has been opened by a specialist, pour the contents into your cauldron.

7. Christmas Eve

Krampus Potion

Place the cauldron on the floor in any room of your house on Christmas Eve, before you go to bed. Then turn out your lights and wait...

8. Manifestation

Krampus Potion

The Krampus will appear in the middle of the night from a plume of black smoke. Once the smoke starts bellowing from the cauldron, there's nothing you can do to stop his arrival.

9. Stopping Him

Krampus Potion

Once the Krampus has arrived he won't rest until he's ruined Christmas for everyone. He'll suck the Christmas spirit out of everything around him. There's only one way to stop him and that's by using the light powers of Santa.

Krampus Potion

Krampus has been terrified of Santa, since Santa put him on the naughty list in 1921. Anything that resembles Santa will frighten the Krampus away after a violent reaction.

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